Stassi Schroeder's Wedding Was Supposed To Air In An Episode Of Vanderpump Rules. Why Her Former Co-Stars Didn't Even Make The Guest List

Stassi Schroeder in Vanderpump Rules
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Ever since she was fired from Vanderpump Rules alongside a few other castmates in early 2020, Stassi Schroeder has largely avoided the public eye. Two years later, though, not only are rumors swirling that she’ll return to television, but her recent destination wedding to Italy caused quite a stir in the headlines, somewhat  due to the notable absence of most of her former cast. The 33-year-old has since revealed that the wedding was originally supposed to be filmed for the show itself, which may surprise some, and she also got candid about why certain co-stars ultimately didn’t make the guest list.

Speaking on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast, the ousted reality star shared that the plan was for her big wedding in Rome to be very important for the future evolution of Vanderpump Rules. As she tells it, in fact, it was supposed to be the kickoff or “bridge” to a “Valley Rules-y kind of spinoff” for the OG castmates only. (Which seems very likely, considering how Bravo has moved forward with a similar reboot/spinoff plan for the Real Housewives of New York.) These previous efforts apparently date back to 2019, way before Stassi Schroeder’s firing. She said: 

We had to have a producer come with us to scout locations because wherever we picked to get married, hotel, rehearsal dinner, you have to get the rights to film there. Like, I couldn’t just go wedding plan myself with Beau. So, we found our venue, got locked in. We found our rehearsal dinner venue, got locked in. We found the hotel. Then everything went down where I was fired, and we were still locked in. So, [the locations] wouldn’t let us get out of these venues.

She continued, saying that contrary to popular belief, Bravo didn’t pay for the extravagant nuptials. So as a result, after she was fired, Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark had to have discussions about whether they wanted to take the L for the money they put down or if they wanted to “reimagine” the wedding and still do it. Obviously, they went with the latter, but it came with a significantly reduced budget. In her words:

It’s just like, let’s just fucking go and live our best lives for a good month and cut 70 percent of the guest list because it’s too expensive. So now it is a 35-person wedding in Rome in a location that’s meant for a shit-ton of people.

Technically, the Roman festivities with all those jaw-dropping looks weren’t actually Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark’s first wedding. They were initially married in a quiet at-home ceremony during the height of the pandemic in 2020. And supposedly, their former Vanderpump Rules co-stars weren’t too salty about their invites getting reneged later on, as was initially reported. Schroeder reflected:

Honestly, everyone’s been pretty understanding because we sent out an email, being like, ‘Yo, times are tough. We can’t have a 200-person wedding. This doesn’t mean that we don’t like you, but you’re not part of my 35 top people.’

Still, the question remains if the self-proclaimed “basic bitch,” who released a second book ahead of her second wedding, is attempting to make a comeback of sorts. Lisa Vanderpump has been and is still to this day seemingly down for a Stassi Schroeder revival. On the podcast, Schroeder herself stated that she’s been frequently approached about doing another show by producers, but she doesn’t know if that’s what she wants to do moving forward. If so, she says she’d need to be an executive producer as well as the star of any reality TV show in the future.

We’ll keep Vanderpump Rules fans updated for any further developments on the next season already greenlit by Bravo, the rumbles that continue to persist about a “Vanderpump Valley” and Stassi Schroeder. Past episodes are currently available with a Peacock Premium subscription

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