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Steve Harvey Gets Candid About How All His Hard Work For The Past Decade Ties Back To Getting Screwed Out Of Millions

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Steve Harvey is one of the hardest working entertainers in television, between his talk show and numerous hosting gigs. And that’s not counting his years as a stand-up comic and television and film actor. While many fans admire the Family Feud host’s work ethic, that demanding work might have more to do with a financial setback he faced a few years back.

Of course, avid fans of the host might know he went from being homeless to headlining sold-out comedy tours and starring in hit films and television shows. After years of arduous work, Harvey had earned the ability to sit back and count his money. Or so, he thought.

While speaking with the Earn Your Leisure podcast, Steve Harvey was honest about an unexpected financial setback he experienced in his career. The Judge Steve Harvey arbitrator got some unexpected news in 2008 after his accountant’s death. A young woman working for the deceased CPA notified the television personality’s lawyer that she had found seven years’ worth of tax forms with signed checks attached. Harvey was asked about how the oversight happened, eliciting an honest reply:

They were cashing the checks, keeping the money, and not turning in the tax form.

Having an accountant handle his taxes, there seemed to be some confusion about the checks’ authentication. The talk show host went on to reveal the payments were made out to the government. More confusion ensued leading to Steve Harvey explaining how the accountant allegedly obtained the money.

They didn’t cash it. They took the money out of the account that matched the exact [amount]. I wasn’t watching it like that. So, I’m thinking it was the check. Little did I know it was some people taking the money out [for seven years]. I ended up owing $22million.

It was unfortunate that the comedian had to deal with that after years of making numerous film, television, and stand-up appearances. He didn’t seem bitter about the situation in breaking down allegedly what happened. You can view the full conversation in Harvey’s full Instagram post below.

Looking at the Celebrity Family Feud host’s success now, he appeared to come back better than ever. But how did Harvey recuperate his lost millions? Over the last decade or so, Harvey has made it his business to be on everyone’s television screen daily. The host admitted to Yahoo in 2016 that he took every gig possible to pay back his taxes while still living his daily life. Eventually, he scored a major deal in 2012 that solved his tax problem. 

What Led to Steve Harvey's Financial Comeback?

Along with hosting the American version of Family Feud and his primetime celebrity spinoff, he hosts the African version of the game show. The television personality has headlined three talk shows, including Steve on Watch for Facebook Watch. He’s hosted the Miss Universe pageant off and on since 2015 (animal impressions and all) along with NBC variety series Little Big Shots. The stand-up comedian even headlined a revival of talent competition Showtime at the Apollo.

Steve Harvey ventured off into producing as well, and he produces most of the shows that he presents. He even served as executive producer for the Think Like a Man film series based on his best-selling self-help book. So, Harvey hasn’t been a slouch when it comes to reaffirming his financial success.

You can catch Harvey on your TV screen at just about any point in the day. He hosts Family Feud in syndication while receiving wild answers on Judge Steve Harvey on ABC Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET. You can look over which new and returning shows to see what shows Steve Harvey has coming up on the horizon.  

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