Steve Harvey Has A Hilarious Time Hosting Family Feud Africa In Video Supercut

steve harvey family feud africa

It's no secret that Mr. Steve Harvey is currently one of our hardest working comedians. In just the past 10 years, Harvey has hosted so many things that it's unlikely you will leave your TV on for any significant length of time and not come across him. This, of course, includes his weekday work as the host of Family Feud (which has a very popular celebrity edition), but Harvey also hosts a version in Africa, and it's clear from a video supercut that he has a hilarious time hosting Family Feud Africa, as well.

Steve Harvey has become very well-known and loved in recent years for his many hosting gigs, including his own daytime talk show, awards shows, variety shows like Little Big Shots, reality competitions like Showtime at the Apollo and Steve Harvey's Funderdome, Fox's New Year's Eve specials, the Miss Universe pageant (to much controversy on occasion), and game shows. Basically, the man is a fixture on the small screen, and it seems like he might be on his way to becoming the same in South Africa, which hosts his work on Family Feud Africa. Just look at some of the hilariously wild encounters he's already had on the series:

Woooooowwww! As you can see from the very first seconds, calling this particular video supercut "Steve Harvey Vs African Accents" is totally fair. Harvey is immediately shown as he's thrown into a state of confusion over two different answers, with the (to English-speaking folks) heavily accented words "anger" and "pastor" undoing the experienced host. One thing is for sure when we talk about Steve Harvey, the man is never afraid to get it wrong and then publicly laugh at himself for doing so.

Of course, Family Feud is gonna Family Feud no matter where in the world it takes place, so there are a fair number of simply baffling answers which come Harvey's way during his time hosting the long-running game show even when it's for a South African crowd. I mean, are people laughing at the dentist (sans laughing gas, anyway) all time, but Steve Harvey and I just don't realize that this is a thing which happens and upsets dental professionals the world over?

The clip is really a joy to behold, much like other videos one can watch of Steve Harvey hosting any number of things, the US version of Family Feud, included. If you simply can't get enough of the man and his fabulous mustache, and are now wondering why you didn't even know there was way more Harvey / Feud action to go around, take heart; Family Feud Africa only has one season so far, which was filmed in December 2019, and likely hasn't filmed any new episodes lately for obvious reasons. In keeping with Harvey's inspired work ethic, though, know that he also hosted a version of the game show for Ghana.

Obviously, you can still watch Steve Harvey on Family Feud every weekday, so be sure to check your local listings for details, but if you need more to watch, we have info on all the early 2021 TV premieres!

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