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Steve Harvey Can’t Get Enough Of The Wild Answers On Judge Steve Harvey, Gives Classic Examples

Steve Harvey in first look at ABC's Judge Steve Harvey
(Image credit: ABC, Danny Delgado))

For years as the host of a prominent talk show and a prominent game show, Steve Harvey has had to respond to plenty of unexpected answers from real people, many -- but not all -- whom are on television for the first time. While his new series Judge Steve Harvey doesn’t have a ton in common with Steve Harvey or Family Feud, there is one commonality: People say the darndest things. Now, America’s favorite TV host is here to share examples.

Judge Steve Harvey just headed to ABC earlier this month. Of course, network shows film in advance, so the longtime TV host has already had a fair share of interactions with plaintiffs and defendants on the show. In a recent interview with St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the personality revealed those who come on his show often “say stuff unintentionally that’s very, very funny.” In fact, he gave examples. 

They gave me the year, they gave me the season, they gave me the month. They gave me everything but the day and they couldn’t come up with the day. I asked a lady how she traveled on the plane from Lexington to Alabama and she said, ‘Seated.’ Clearly, I was trying to figure out what flight she took but then she said, ‘You mean on the inside or on the aisle?’ So people are funny regardless.

I would argue that one of Steve Harvey’s primary skills is coaxing amusing answers out of people, which is probably why hopping from Celebrity Family Feud to Judge Steve Harvey on ABC was such a rational proposition. I can't say enough that there have been many, many instances of Feud contestants saying outrageous things on that show. With the new show, there will likely be many more instances to come. 

Plus, as Harvey noted in the recent interview, he wasn't "enthusiastic" about "doing a sitcom" this time around. I get it. Sitcoms are often grueling hours of work, and if I had just turned 65 like Steve Harvey, I'd be choosy about how I spent my time, too. 

Instead, he consulted with a Judge Judy expert for a new show, and voila, Judge Steve Harvey was born. To note though, the new series is not exactly like other courtroom reality shows on television (if the aforementioned comments didn't make that clear already). Steve Harvey also said his show is striking a different tone, one that, yes, may be a little more outrageous -- and is certainly far more fashionable than the average judge-based premise. 

When family comes to court and when friends come to court, I become fascinated and caught up in the ‘how we got here.’ That’s the crazy part of this show. I’m so intrigued by the story that I allow the litigants to say things that no other court show would allow them to say.

The first episode of Judge Steve Harvey aired on January 4th, with the fourth episode just airing this week. Episode 5 is coming up this February during primetime, and to see more of what's coming this winter, be sure to check out our TV premiere schedule

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