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Steve Harvey Has Some Thoughts About Nick Cannon And Kenan Thompson’s Impressions Of Him, And LOL

The multi-hypenate entertainer Steve Harvey has basically done it all in Hollywood, from acting to stand-up comedy to game-show hosting to talk-show hosting and then some. Which means that even beyond his own comedic skills, Harvey has served as impersonation fodder for other comedians such as his protégé Nick Cannon, Kenan Thompson and Godfrey. And when he appeared on the talk show Nick Cannon to promote his new ABC series Judge Steve Harvey, the Family Feud frontman expressed his disdain for that trio’s frequent impressions in the most delightfully hilarious way: with facetiously harsh threats.

While the interview started off cordially enough, with Nick Cannon giving Steve Harvey all kinds of love and respect for the career guidance and advice he’d dished out over the years, things took a quick turn once Cannon mentioned dressing up as Harvey for the talk show’s Halloween episode as a sign of love. They had a big laugh about it after watching a clip, and then Harvey went on the offensive in the best way, with Nick Cannon producer Godfrey getting looped into the mix, which eventually escalated to Harvey making the below declaration:

Hey, Nick, all I need is you, Godfrey, and that chubby ass Kenan in the same room, from Saturday Night Live. If I see all three of y’all together, I’ma set the damn building on fire. Y’all three, and I’m setting the building on fire. Ain’t none of y’all getting out of it.

To be expected, Nick Cannon was howling with laughter along with everyone else in the studio. Steve Harvey was also rocking a big smile, even if you just know about 10% of that statement is wholly authentic. I mean, at least Kenan Thompson’s SNL impression is somewhat realistic, while Cannon’s Halloween costume was intentionally over the top and ridiculous. For a man who works as hard at being a dapper gent as Harvey does, it’s probably not the most rewarding thing to see, even if it makes him laugh. 

Before he dropped his arson threats, though, Steve Harvey started building up steam as soon as Nick Cannon mentioned Godfrey being on the set. Here’s how he started his gut-busting tirade:

Hey, I’m looking for Godfrey, too. Hey man, I can’t tell you how many people showed me clips of that damned Godfrey. Before my new show came out, he was doing stuff about me as a judge on TV before I even came out with this show. So I got both of y’all in the same room. I’ma knock you and Godfrey’s ass out. . . . You know the crazy part? Cause I got a birthday coming up — I’ll be 65 — I can’t whoop either one of y’all, technically. But I’m so good with it, and I got so many friends from my past who will do things for $1,500, that I do have ways of getting at both of y’all. I just want you to know that.

It can be assumed that Harvey’s appearance on Nick Cannon was taped further ahead of airing than normal, since he refers to his birthday as a future event, when it already took place on January 17. (And included a masterful cake that Twitter had many happy returns roasting.) Although maybe it did tape after his birthday passed, and it’s just Harvey’s advanced age that made him forget. But you can be damned sure he won’t forget to pop Kenan Thompson upside his damn head the next time they’re in the same vicinity. 

Nick Cannon Show airs weekdays in syndication, so check your local listings to see when and where it's available in your area. And while waiting to see who impersonates Steve Harvey next, be sure to check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what the biggest new and returning shows are in the coming months.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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