First Look At ‘Judge’ Steve Harvey In New Show Is Sorta Like Family Feud, But Harvey's Wielding A Gavel

Steve Harvey on Family Feud
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At this point, it’s clear that Steve Harvey is a man of many talents. He’s a comedian, actor, author, and sharp dresser, if I do say so myself. Harvey has also become a television staple through his role as a fan-favorite game show host. He now seems poised to move into a different television arena, though -- the courtroom. His latest series, Judge Steve Harvey, gives viewers a clear idea of what they can expect, and the verdict is that it’s essentially Family Feud without points and Harvey is wielding a gavel.

With Judge Judy now in the realm of streaming, it was only natural that someone else would step up and take her seat as the premier TV judge. However, this series looks a lot different from Judy’s. The promo for Judge Steve Harvey teases a setting that’s even more lively. And as you would expect, the titular TV personality is still throwing out shade and sharp one-liners, as he dishes out his own brand of justice. You can check out the new teaser for yourself down below:

The host definitely seems to be relishing his position, and those in attendance seem to be enjoying themselves as well. Over the years, the entertainer has endeared himself to viewers through his (brutally) honest personality and assessment of situations. Family Feud viewers can probably name countless times in which he’s provided hilarious responses to contestants. It’s fair to assume that this will continue to ring true, as he listens to disputes between plaintiffs on the new show. 

Footage aside, one would think that the show will (at times) provide audiences with a somewhat more subdued Steve Harvey. After all, most of the show’s friction will likely occur between the people involved in the cases themselves. All Harvey has to really do is sit back and watch the wildness unfold before him -- and maybe use that gavel a few times. But on the whole, the series should be an entertaining watch for viewers. 

Something I can’t help but wonder is if any of the host’s signature styles are going to make their way onto the show. If you’ve been following his Instagram account, then you’ll know that he’s been downright crushing it with his suits. He’s gone viral on a number of occasions as a result, even though one of his fits led Internet users to compare him to a supervillain. He attributes these new looks to his designer as well as his own personal desire to not “dress old.” His recent work on Celebrity Family Feud actually led to his on-air attire becoming a bit bland, so I’d imagine he’ll try to change things up when he hits the courtroom. 

If anything, it’s clear that the beloved performer is ready to make some serious noise with this latest project. One could laugh just thinking about how he’ll react to some of the more outrageous cases that are brought to him. 

We’ll see how things pan out when Judge Steve Harvey premieres on ABC on Tuesday, January 4 at 8 p.m. ET. And if you want more for your Harvey fix, be sure to check out Family Feud in syndication daily.

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