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As Steve Harvey Celebrated Turning 65, His Birthday Cake Lit Twitter Up Like A Candle

Steve Harvey laughs on Judge Steve Harvey.
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Congratulations are in order, as the dapperly dressed Steve Harvey recently celebrated a milestone birthday. January has been a busy month for the celebrity host, as his new show, Judge Steve Harvey, premiered on ABC, but it looks like he was able to take some time to mark his 65th birthday. Harvey tweeted a photo of himself next to a birthday cake to mark the occasion, and as users on social took to the comments to wish the Family Feud host well, it was his cake that really got people’s attention.

It seems the honorable Steve Harvey has an affinity for German Chocolate Cake, and there was no skimping for the man’s 65th birthday. A large, homemade-looking cake with the biggest pecans I’ve ever seen sat proudly on the host’s table, as he was keeping cool with his shades on in front of decorations that included old photos and balloons. Twitter lit Harvey up, suggesting his dessert preference spoke to men of a certain age.

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Steve Harvey has become known for his bold fashion choices, looking full of life and younger than his age in stylish and brightly-colored outfits. This Twitter user, however, wasn’t fooled, saying the gargantuan pecans on this German chocolate delicacy reveal the man’s true age. 

That cake tell his age lol old ppl love them some nuts.

At least that person knew it was pecans on top of Steve Harvey’s cake. Some commenters clearly hadn’t been introduced to the wonder that is German chocolate. Oats were a popular guess for what the frosting was made of, and I guess an oatmeal cake might make all of the aging jokes make more sense. This fan tweeted a particularly creative description of what it looked like.

That cake looks like it's molded out of halfway soaked oats and overcooked noodles.

Sadly, rice, beans, noodles and oats weren’t the strangest guesses when it came to what ingredients went into Steve Harvey’s 65th birthday cake. This Twitter user went pretty far away from German, with a Cuban-inspired guess. 

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Plantains?! I need Steve Harvey to give you one of his signature looks of disappointment at that guess. I suppose the cake may look odd to the unindoctrinated, but German chocolate cakes have a combination of ingredients that just make sense. Chocolate cakes with a brown sugar frosting full of pecans and coconut — yes please! Some Twitter fans were familiar with the cake but were still amused with the good judge’s choice. 

German chocolate cake with pecans on top? Oh, you oldddddd school.

Honestly, it’s a shame how much grief the birthday cake got, because it looks homemade, and somebody cared enough to bake Steve Harvey his favorite dessert on his special day. Sure, it’s less expensive than a fancy bakery cake, as this fan kindly tweeted, but with age comes wisdom, as they say. 

You are blessed when candles start being more expensive than the cake. Happy 65th Birthday Mr Harvey.

In the end, no matter what fans thought about the German chocolate cake, the day belonged to Steve Harvey, and what he wants is what he gets. Twitter users said his enjoyment on his birthday was all that mattered.

The cake looks a lil bit horrible but happy birthday anyway.

Happy Birthday anyway, Steve Harvey! We hope you enjoyed it and ate the hell out of that cake! If you want to catch Harvey in the courtroom, Judge Steve Harvey airs at 8 p.m. ET Tuesdays on ABC. Check your local listings to see when Family Feud plays in your market, and see what other shows are premiering soon on our 2022 TV Schedule.

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