Steve-O Talks Missing The WWE Royal Rumble And How Wee Man Felt After Getting Thrown Through A Table By Brock Lesnar

Steve-O and Wee Man official YouTube videos.
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One of the biggest stories to come out of the Royal Rumble this year had nothing to do with the Royal Rumble at all. At least, not really. In fact it had to do with WWE giant Brock Lesnar throwing Wee Man through a table while out to dinner before the big event. A video of this went viral, but Steve-O got the actual scoop from Wee Man about what that was like.  

As it turns out, many of the major members of the Jackass Forever cast (and not just Johnny Knoxville, who did appear in the Royal Rumble) traveled to St. Louis to be a part of the WWE event festivities. They actually took the same plane as Ronda Rousey, which we now know thanks to some footage from Steve-O (though I'm glad the video didn't come out before, as it would have ruined the Rousey speculation). As part of that very same footage on his YouTube page, Steve-O also recounted that viral video featuring Wee Man getting thrown through a table by Brock Lesnar, which has rolled around the Internet at this point:

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Steve- O, of course, narrated what happened when they were all hanging out on the actual night, noting. 

So we get to St. Louis and our dinner makes TMZ because Brock Lesnar slams Wee Man through a table. The next morning I checked with Wee Man to see if he was OK.

Of course, being the good friend that he is, the very next day, Steve-O connected with Wee Man while the Jackass team was traveling and asked him, “How much did it hurt when Brock Lesnar slammed you like that?” One would think the natural answer would be a lot, but Wee Man was way more blasé about this than I would have expected. He replied: 

I was so drunk I didn’t even feel it.

Well, there you have it. I know the Jackass cast is used to getting up to wild shenanigans, but honestly, that throw looked intense. Even whilst drunk, I’m a little surprised Wee Man didn’t seem to be feeling it the next day, but perhaps the whole thing looked worse than it was. I actually attended the Royal Rumble. A few of the Jackass guys came out with Johnny Knoxville while he was walking to the ring, but Steve-O was nowhere to be seen. So what happened?

Well, we've already heard plenty of rumors that the Men’s Rumble was supposed to play out pretty differently (two other former stars reportedly also wanted to make a return but were told no). In terms of what Steve-O was supposed to originally do, he doesn’t get into specifics, here, but he does say that the team had been tested daily for COVID-19 through all of the stuff they had been filming and appearances they had been making during the pandemic. It sounds as if Steve-O wasn't expecting what happened with the Rumble to happen, but what happened was a positive test. 

Now, keep in mind we’re getting tested for COVID every day, no matter what we’re doing. And Block third quote: I’m always negative… until the Royal Rumble. And they say I was positive. So, now I gotta leave the Royal Rumble immediately and I’m stuck in St. Louis. I can’t get to the airport. I can’t get on an airplane. So what do I do? I get my tour bus driver to come pick me up.

While we saw some of the other members of the Jackass cast outside the ring, overall what we got was Knoxville came out, got a pop, did his thing, hung around in the ring for a while, and then got eliminated by Sami Zayn. Steve-O apparently was on his tour bus at this point and getting the hell out of dodge, or in this case, St. Louis, Missouri. 

A lot of things were pretty wild at the Royal Rumble, from Kofi Kingston surprise elimination/ botched spot to the sign catching fire and the poor experience with the lights. I have no idea if much would have changed if Steve-O had shown up with the Jackass Forever cast, but it is interesting to learn more about what was going on behind the scenes. 

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