Summer House Star Paige DeSorbo Reveals When She Fell For Craig Conover, And Apparently Southern Charm Is Involved

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Viewers have watched Paige DeSorbo’s complicated love life for four seasons on the reality series Summer House. There was the infamous kitchen pantry hookup with co-star Carl Radke, then there was that short-lived romance with Perry Rahbar. It’s all no matter, though, because she finally found “the one” in fellow Bravo star Craig Conover of Southern Charm fame. The two have been officially dating for about six months now, but the 29-year-old revealed when exactly she first fell for the other reality star. Not so surprisingly, his show Southern Charm is involved.

Their coupling was evident with the tail-end of the Bravo Spinoff Winter House that ran last year and Craig Conover has since joined his girlfriend on Season 6 of Summer House as a “guest” of the show. However, Paige DeSorbo has apparently been eyeing the Southern Charm alum for some time before that. She told Us Weekly,

I’ve had a crush on him for, like, three years. I had seen Southern Charm, yes, and it’s so funny ‘cause my best friend, when I started dating Craig, she called me and she was like, ‘You’re dating Craig Conover? Remember when you thought he was so cute when we were in college?’

So, really, it wasn’t so much 3 years as it was 8 years ago when DeSorbo first took a liking to Conover. If we crunch the numbers, it was 2014 when Southern Charm premiered its freshman season, which would’ve been when DeSorbo was technically still in college herself. It’s very much giving me Meghan Markle and Prince Harry origin story vibes, if those two had happened to be reality stars instead of royalty.

The Bravo crossover relationship is evidently doing well, too. Much better than Craig Conover’s previous relationship with co-star Naomie Olindo, who is in fact returning to Southern Charm for Season 8 after a lengthy hiatus. Conover told the outlet that he “always” had a crush on Paige DeSorbo, but unfortunately, they were always “dating other people” at the same time. I’m not sure that’s the romantic flex that Conover thinks it is… It’s essentially saying that he was checking out other girls amidst dating Olindo – which is kind of what he accused his own co-star Madison LeCroy of doing at their last reunion special, expect with a very famous MLB player.

Nevertheless, the longtime Summer House alum is already planning a wedding – and they’re not even officially engaged yet. (A beach wedding is apparently a deal-breaker.) She in fact called the Southern Charm star her “Mr. Big.” Their relationship was also compared to the idyllic, opposites-attract scenario in the 1960s sitcom Green Acres. My personal favorite comparison, though, was when DeSorbo shared,

I feel like if two accountants started dating, there’s things that they just get in their workplace and it just makes a lot of sense when we do the same thing. Like, I don’t have to explain a lot of things to Craig.

The question remains, will Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover’s relationship survive the turmoils of a Southern Charm stint? DeSorbo is supposedly making some appearances in the new season, a season that is already seeing rumbles of early drama between exes, as well as missing wedding invites drama and more on those A-Rod hookup rumors. Winter/Summer House might've just been the practice rounds...

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