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Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy Claps Back At Co-Star Who Claims She Had That Alleged Fling With A-Rod

It was the Bravo reunion to end them all last year with Southern Charm’s Season 8 special. Craig Conover flat-out accused co-star Madison LeCroy of sleeping around with an (unnamed) famous MLB player, who turned out afterwards to be Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod denied the allegations at the time, but his longtime engagement with Jennifer Lopez would come to an end a few months later. Of late, another co-star claimed to believe that LeCroy’s alleged fling with A-Rod did happen – and LeCroy is seemingly having none of it.

Specifically, it was Leva Bonaparte that affirmed on S’More Date’s Instagram Live that she thinks the A-Rod hookup accusations involving Madison LeCroy were legitimate. Bonaparte, a relatively new castmate on Southern Charm, didn't explain her conviction further, but her “yeah” response was apparently heard by LeCroy herself. The notoriously shady and longtime Bravo alum supposedly clapped back at the insinuation in the clip, per Page Six, by saying:

Stuck in 2019 & still doesn’t know the facts [laughing emoji].

So far as we know, the supposed real facts, according to Madison LeCroy, are such that she did have communication with A-Rod but that no physical contact, hookup, fling, or otherwise took place. In the wake of the bombshell reunion, LeCroy claimed that the two of them were only “acquaintances.” Yet, the Southern Charm alum would joke later on about JLo's reignited romance with ex Ben Affleck, with a “You’re welcome.”

It's believed that the Bravo star will have to speak more on the A-Rod issue in the upcoming season of Southern Charm. However, her relationship with new fiancé Brett Randle will apparently be off limits – because he doesn't want to be part of the show. And who can blame him? His arrival on the scene follows much controversy... The starlet would also add that their future wedding doesn't include any of her castmates on the guest list, either.

If it wasn't already clear by Lena Bonaparte’s casual commentary or Madison LeCroy’s blacklisted wedding list, there is reportedly discord amongst the cast in Season 8. As reported by Us Weekly in December, Bonaparte unfollowed several co-stars, including LeCroy, Kathryn Dennis, LeCroy’s ex-boyfriend Austen Kroll, and Craig Conover. She then posted a vague statement on her Instagram Stories that said:

I can’t be around people who think my accomplishments, successes and future opportunities are competition. If we can’t be happy for one another, we have nothing in common.

Clearly, there's more drama brewing in Charleston. Whether it's A-Rod related, old drama with exes, or Kathryn Dennis' custody issues, Southern Charm fans should be in for a doozy. Season 8 will have the previous lineup of stars, with Naomie Olindo returning after a brief absence from the divisive seventh season. The new season is expected to premiere on Bravo in the spring.

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