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Sarah Michelle Gellar Reveals Her Favorite Buffy The Vampire Slayer Episode

Sarah Michelle Gellar recently revealed which Buffy episode is her favorite, and the answer might surprise you.

Is Buffy Meant To Be With Spike Or Angel? Here's What Sarah Michelle Gellar Says

For a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, it's the only question that matters: Angel or Spike? Sarah Michelle Gellar throws her two cents into the eternal debate with her own vampire boyfriend preference.

How Buffy's Cast Feels About Doing A Revival

Anytime a Buffy The Vampire Slayer cast member shows up, someone is there to talk about a revival, and while it seems like a no-brainer to fans, the cast has varying opinions about it.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer And Angel Are Getting Kicked Off Netflix

Many times I've wrestled with whether to dive into a new film or series offered by Netflix, only to once again dive into an old standby I know won't let me down. In times of doubt, Sarah Michelle Gellar and the Buffy The Vampire Slayer gang ease my mind when I'm too scared to commit to a series, and now those days are coming to an end.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Tribute To Buffy Is A Stake Right Through The Heart

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the most game-changing genre series in TV history, and it just turned 20 years old. Star Sarah Michelle Gellar has shared a tribute to the series, and it's incredibly touching. Take a look!

Why No One Thought Buffy The Vampire Slayer Would Be A Huge Hit

Buffy quickly became a trademark of 90's culture, and has enjoyed a rabid cult following that is still very active today. But did the folks behind the camera know how successful the show would be?

What Sarah Michelle Gellar Hopes Buffy Is Up To Today

Sarah Michelle Gellar knows Buffy the Vampire Slayer's main character better than anyone, and the actress has an idea of where she would be today.

Cruel Intentions Is Officially Dead In The Water

Every year, the networks put together a slew of projects and pilots in order to figure out what types of shows would be the best fit for the following season's freshman lineup. One of the highest projects to crop up last season was a Cruel Intentions TV remake.

The Cruel Intentions TV Show Could Still Happen, Here's What We Know

NBC broke a lot of hearts when the decision was made not to immediately move forward with the TV continuation of the 1999 feature Cruel Intentions, but the network mysteriously left the door open for a potential future for the project. Thankfully, it looks like a less than cruel outcome may be on the horizon.

See Sarah Michelle Gellar Go Hard On The Cleavage For Cruel Intentions TV Show

When Cruel Intentions came out in 1999, it cast its stars in a hyper-sexual light that was slightly uncomfortable, given their characters were all teenagers. But Sarah Michelle Gellar is all adult in this shot from the TV show.

Cruel Intentions First Look: Check Out Sarah Michelle Gellar As A Brunette

Sarah Michelle Gellar dropped a bombshell a couple of weeks ago when she announced she would star in the upcoming TV series, reprising her same character.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Will Star In The Cruel Intentions TV Show

Of all the remakes and revivals currently in the works, the one that is most related to teenage sex and backstabbing is NBC’s upcoming return to the salacious world of Cruel Intentions. We'd wondered who'd return for the pilot, and now we know at least one person.

Will Sarah Michelle Gellar Join The Cruel Intentions TV Show? Here's The Latest

While small screen remakes of big screen features are nothing new, it’s rarer for a film’s storyline to continue living on in a serialized TV show. But it's happening with the 1999 drama Cruel Intentions, and the search is on for the show's cast. Will anyone be returning?

Why Sarah Michelle Gellar Doesn't Want A Buffy The Vampire Slayer Reunion

In its 7 seasons, Buffy managed to lay the groundwork for a rather intricate continuity. One would think that a feature-length film or TV movie focusing on an adult Buffy who, like Gellar herself, is looking at the twilight of her days as a Slayer may be the proper punctuation on which to end the live-action mythos...

Aww Shucks, CBS: Don't Cancel The Crazy Ones

Alright, so, apparently good ratings and being one of the first series to get a full-season order this year is no indication as to whether or not CBS will keep a show around. Because their comedy, The Crazy Ones is looking very likely to be cancelled. And we, as TV viewers, are less than thrilled by that. In fact, we think it's a bad decision and we're here to tell you why, CBS.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Joins Robin Williams In CBS Comedy Crazy Ones

Things didn't work out so well for Sarah Michelle Gellar's last small screen endeavor, but perhaps a switch to comedy will yield a bit more success. And it certainly doesn't hurt that the pilot in which she's set to co-star also happens to star Robin Williams. In fact, the two will be playing father and daughter in the CBS comedy.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Could Star In TV Comedy About Parents

Things may not have worked out for The CW's Ringer, but Sarah Michelle Gellar fans are likely hoping that wasn't it for the Buffy star's TV comeback. On that front, there's good news - or good rumors - as Gellar reportedly has her eye on a comedy project that's in development, which would have her playing a wife and mother.

The CW's Ringer Photos: Somebody Put Buffy In A Corner

The CW has the cast of Ringer backed into a corner in these promotional photos for the series. It’s not entirely an unfortunate situation as everyone’s dressed really well, and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s hair has never looked better.

Comic Con 2011: Sarah Michelle Gellar Fights Her Twin In First Look At Ringer

Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to television this fall in a brand new, mysterious looking new series called Ringer. While it doesn’t involve vampires, the show looks every bit as creepy and strange as Buffy used to be, maybe with more of a soap opera style twist. The promo video, which debuted earlier today at the San Diego Comic Con, gives us our first in-depth look

Sarah Michelle Coming Back To TV With CBS Thriller Pilot

Most people wouldn't say that Sarah Michelle Gellar was the absolute best thing about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but still, fans of that show have good reason to be excited today

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