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The Crazy Way Supernatural Might Be Bringing Back Castiel

Season 12 of Supernatural ended on a heartbreaking cliffhanger when the trusty angel Castiel was killed by Lucifer. Now, the latest episode may have revealed how Cas will be coming back this time.

Supernatural May Have Just Revealed How The Scooby-Doo Crossover Is Going To Work

A crossover between Supernatural and Scooby-Doo has been in the works for months. The latest episode may have revealed how exactly Supernatural is going to pull such a wild concept off.

The Supernatural Character That Might Be A Bigger Threat Than Lucifer

Supernatural just returned for Season 13, and a certain premiere plot twist indicates that the Winchester boys may have a character more powerful than Lucifer to worry about harming those they love.

Watch Sam And Dean Plot A Doomed Escape In Exclusive Supernatural Season 12 Deleted Scene

Supernatural was quite intense in the last few episodes of Season 12, and the Winchester boys were stuck in a pretty rough situation. We have an exclusive deleted scene that gives a closer look at what they were up to in the bunker.

Why Supernatural Is Telling A Smaller-Scale Story In Season 13

Supernatural is returning to the small screen this fall to pick up where it left off with the huge Season 12 finale, but it turns out that the scale in Season 13 will be much smaller than Season 12.

When Supernatural's Misha Collins Will Be Back On The Show

The Season 12 finale of Supernatural ended on what may have been the final death of Castiel, and fans have had to wonder if and when Misha Collins will be back. Star Jensen Ackles has the answer.

Why Supernatural Is Finally Ready For A Spinoff, According To The Showrunner

Supernatural will return to The CW for Season 13 in the fall, and fans will get to see the show's next attempt at launching a spinoff. The showrunner has revealed that the time is finally perfect for a spinoff to happen.

Stephen Amell Really Wants That Arrow And Supernatural Crossover, So Let's Make It Happen

Many fans have been hoping for its long running drama Supernatural to eventually crossover with Arrow, and now it turns out that star Stephen Amell is more than ready for it to happen.

A Supernatural Spinoff Could Finally Happen, Get The Details

Supernatural has been going strong on The CW for 12 seasons at this point. Now, the show may get a spinoff that actually sounds pretty exciting.

When The Flash, Arrow And More Will Premiere On The CW This Fall

We now have official dates to mark our calendars with for our favorite shows on The CW. Maybe you're one of the DC hero crowd, or you have this deep obsession with Riverdale, in either case, we got you covered.

Why Supernatural Fans Shouldn't Get Their Hopes Up About One Star's Return

Supernatural kills off an awful lot of its characters, but many of those characters come back in some form or other. Unfortunately for fans, it seems that one character is going to be staying quite dead.

One Supernatural Star Definitely Won't Be Back For Season 13

The Season 12 finale of Supernatural was a total bloodbath as a ton of characters seemed to be killed off. We now know of one who will definitively not be back for Season 13.

Did Castiel Regret His Actions In The Supernatural Finale? Here's What Misha Collins Says

The Season 12 finale of Superntural was a wild ride, and Castiel had to face the consequences of some of his actions. Actor Misha Collins has revealed how Cas felt about his decisions.

Castiel's Best Death On Supernatural, According To Misha Collins

Supernatural has killed off a number of its characters and brought them back to life again. Misha Collins revealed to CinemaBlend which of Castiel's deaths, in his opinion, was the best of all.

Wait, Did Supernatural Actually Just Kill Characters Off?

If Supernatural is known for one thing, it might be that characters who die tend to come back. After the Season 12 finale, we have to wonder if that's no longer true.

How Supernatural's Big Finale Will Lead Into Season 13, According To Misha Collins

Season 12 of Supernatural is coming to an end. Luckily, actor Misha Collins took the time to give CinemaBlend a scoop about how the finale will set the stage for Season 13.

A Supernatural Crossover With Scooby-Doo Is Happening In Season 13

Like, Zoinks man, Sam and Dean have really gotten into it this time! The Supernatural crew will be teaming up with Scooby-Doo in a Season 13 crossover that sounds too good to be true.

9 Legendary Fictional TV Pranksters, Ranked

It's that April Fools time of year again. To celebrate, we've put together a list of nine absolutely legendary fictional pranksters of TV history. Check it out!

8 Times TV CGI Was The Worst Thing Ever

There is a long tradition of bad CGI effects on the small screen. Here are some of the worst offenders.

The 11 Best Musical TV Episodes Of All Time

Many TV shows have been known to take the risk of airing a musical episode or two. Some of those episodes have been better than others, and we've broken down a list of the 11 best.

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