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The Walking Dead's Lori, Carl And Judith Grimes Actors Share Fun Pic Together, But Does It Count As A Reunion?

Carl taking a picture of himself and Judith on The Walking Dead
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As The Walking Dead lurches forward towards the end of its eleven-season run, fans are still waiting for answers about what happened to Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, while still pulling for Cailey Fleming’s Judith to make it through to hopefully reunite with both him and Danai Gurira’s Michonne. While it’s still completely unknown how any of that will pan out, considering the Rick-centered movie sitch still hasn’t come to fruition, the rest of the Grimes family recently came together off-screen for a lovely sort-of-a-reunion, and there’s thankfully some visual evidence!

For the Atlanta leg of the Fandemic Tour that took place from March 18-March 20, current Walking Dead star Cailey Fleming met up with former stars Chandler Riggs and Sarah Wayne Callies, marking one of the relatively few times that fans have been able to see Lori, Carl and Judith Grimes together in one place — and with everyone smiling, no less. Check out Callies’ Twitter post below!

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Amusingly enough (or depressingly enough, depending on how you look at it), though these three actors are all members of the fictional Grimes family, they never actually shared the screen together as a trio. Furthermore, their characters shared only an extremely limited amount of time together, and that amounted to quite a tragic experience. So the pic above is by far the best case scenario for what a current-day Grimes family reunion could look like. 

As Walking Dead fans no doubt remember, Sarah Wayne Callies exited the show in Season 3 with Lori’s death, which was a result of some extremely bloody and irreversible complications from Judith’s birth within the prison. (Oh, that rascally prison.) So it was only in those moments following her birth that the family, sans both Rick and Judith’s biological father, spent any time together. Of course, it ended with Carl having to put Lori out of her misery in such a way that she wouldn’t return as a walker, so not exactly the happiest of times. Although not entirely the most unrelatable, given how terrible some family functions can be. Corral! Cawralll!

Between that point and Carl’s death five seasons later, Chandler Riggs and the rest of the cast worked with younger actresses for Judith, with Chloe Garcia-Frizzi being the most notable. She’d portrayed Judith in Season 8 when Carl, knowing that he was doomed for death, spent a final day of quality time with her, with their handprints on the porch boards serving as a sweet memory.

It was after Rick’s disappearance that the time jump happened and Cailey Fleming was brought into the fold as Judith Grimes. And to bring things back around to Rick’s movie(s), which I’m definitely hoping Judith will be part of, that project could very well become the one time in Walking Dead history that Andrew Lincoln could share the screen with Sarah Wayne Callies, Chandler Riggs and Fleming. (The Lori actress told CinemaBlend back in 2017 that she’d be willing to return if it made sense.) So here’s hoping it happens. Here’s hoping anything happens with those.

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