The Winchesters Is Already Bringing Back Another Familiar Face With Ties To Sam And Dean

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Spoilers ahead for the series premiere of The Winchesters.

The Supernatural universe is officially back with the premiere of The Winchesters, which tells the epic and adventurous love story of John and Mary from the perspective of Dean via John’s journal. With Jensen Ackles narrating, there was a question of whether any other Supernatural alums would return. Now we know that a very familiar face will be returning, and they have special ties to Sam and Dean.

Gil McKinney portrayed Henry Winchester, John’s father, in two episodes of Supernatural and did a surprise voiceover in the series premiere of The Winchesters when John and his mother read a letter from him. But that won’t be the only appearance from him. TVLine reported that McKinney will reprise his role as Henry in Episode 7.

Supernatural fans know that Henry was absent for much of John’s life when he was alive due to the Men of Letters, which leads John to search for answers about him on The Winchesters. According to the official character description, Henry’s death due to an MoL mission will create a rift in the family, as will the organization and his absence.

Gil McKinney’s return was announced not long after news broke about another member in the Winchester/Campbell family. Smallville alum Tom Welling will portray Samuel Campbell, Mary’s hunter father, as confirmed at New York Comic Con. Welling takes over the role from Mitch Pileggi, who appeared in eight episodes of the original series. Pileggi is busy playing Jared Padalecki’s father on Walker, as opposed to playing his grandfather in the Supernatural world again. Much like Henry, fans will first see Samuel on The Winchesters in Episode 7.

Henry won't be the only returning face that fans see on The Winchesters in upcoming episodes. Showrunner Robbie Thompson recently revealed that we will see some familiar faces from Supernatural. While he didn't specify who, it’s safe to assume that Henry won’t be the only one. Maybe Chuck and Gabriel will make their long-awaited cameos? Or perhaps another fan-favorite character.

Besides Supernatural, McKinney had recurring roles on Once Upon a Time, Friday Night Lights, ER, and more. It’s unknown if Episode 7 of The Winchesters will be the only episode that McKinney will be in, but it’s possible he could be in more. At least we will be getting his return, and another Supernatural alum is carrying on the legacy along with The Winchesters cast

A set premiere date for Episode 7 has yet to be announced but make sure to watch new episodes of The Winchesters on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST only on The CW! Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else is coming soon.

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