The Winchesters May Have Set Up Supernatural's Rowena To Return, But What About Crowley?

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Warning: spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Winchesters, called "The Tears of a Clown."

The Winchesters promised connections to Supernatural, and Season 1 has delivered some solid ones so far. This latest episode featured another big callback to the original series in the form of a familiar face, with Ruth Connell reprising her role as Rowena. She certainly made a splash with her debut as well, and the door is open for a return to the spinoff down the road. In fact, the character dropped a comment that might have teased an appearance from Crowley

Mark Sheppard might be more likely to spend his time on Walker: Independence these days, but Rowena alluded to his character in a way that may give Supernatural fans reason to hope to see Crowley again. Here's what we learned and what the future could hold!

Rowena Took An Interest In Ada

Ada Monroe, played by The Winchesters' Demetria McKinney, went to a witches' hangout in an attempt to gather enough magic to defeat the Akrida queen and stop the imminent invasion. Unfortunately, she gambled what little magic she had and lost it to another witch in a game of poker. Ada pleaded with the witches for help in fighting off the invasion but was essentially laughed out of the building with them stating it was a lost cause. 

Just when it seemed Ada was out of options, she ran into Rowena. Rowena asked Ada for her help in obtaining a book that was taken from her but confessed that she really only needed Ada to break the ward on the door of the building so she could obtain something else. It turned out she needed a demon that was turned into a plant. Ada tried to stop Rowena, but the witch knocked her out with relative ease despite briefly being tied up by Ada's vine spell. 

When Ada woke up, Rowena had placed her on a couch and offered her some tea. While Ada refused the tea, she accepted a fair bit of magic from Rowena in the form of a crystal. The witch explained it would help her kill the Akrida queen, but with a catch. Rowena added that Ada would need a bit of her soul combined with the magic crystal to do the job, which Ada was clearly uncomfortable with. 

Rowena finally departed, but not before telling Ada to look her up if she ever wanted to learn more magic. Rowena told The Winchesters character that she was more powerful than she knew, which is quite a compliment. 

Crowley Was Briefly Mentioned

I mentioned earlier that Rowena wanted a plant from Ada, and it turned out it was a demon she needed information from. Rowena revealed this particular demon knew something about her "son," and unless The Winchesters is going to add some new characters to the mix, she's talking about Crowley. 

Crowley getting a mention from Rowena this late in the season seems like a possible tease that he could show up in the Season 1 finale, although that could be wishful thinking for any Supernatural fans. The Winchesters will likely have to get through a lot with the finale next week as the characters concoct a plan to halt the Akrida invasion. There's also all that business with Dean in the past that still needs addressing, so who knows if there's room in this season finale for much else? There's certainly more room in Season 2, assuming it's in the cards. 

The Winchesters' Season 1 finale airs on The CW on Tuesday, March 7th, at 8:00 p.m. ET. With the season coming to an end, now is the perfect time to consult the 2023 TV schedule for a new show to watch. Hopefully, that will ease the minds of fans waiting to hear whether or not Season 2 will happen

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