Things Just Went South With An NBC Pilot, Why That’s Great News For Manifest Fans

With Manifest getting new life on Netflix, the majority of the cast will be returning, at least the ones whose characters didn't die or hadn't aged up by the third season’s finale. One star that fans have expected to see less of is Matt Long a.k.a. Zeke. This is due to the fact that the actor had landed a part in a new NBC pilot following the fan-favorite show's initial cancellation. But it's now been reported that things have gone south for his new series.

NBC is not picking up drama pilot Getaway, according to Deadline. The show would have focused on a destination wedding at a resort that turns disastrous after the island is taken over by criminals. Matt Long was first linked to the show back in July, in the midst of the ongoing Manifest discussions among Warner Bros., NBC and Netflix. While it’s sad that the project is no longer happening (as it had a really intriguing plot), this means Long is now available to appear in more episodes of the upcoming fourth season of the missing plane drama. And per the trade, the actor is reportedly in talks to be a series regular on the new stretch of episodes.

The star recently shared thoughts on his character's potential role on the show moving forward. At the time, he acknowledged that while he would appear in fewer episodes, he hoped that Zeke would still have a key role in the upcoming season. The character has been integral to the series for the last couple of years, especially after he survived his imminent Death Date in the Season 2 finale. With this, he became a beacon of hope for the rest of the passengers as well as the Stone family, as his experience seemed to provide evidence of a way to survive the fast-approaching date.

Manifest fans are not the only ones that are probably celebrating, though, as The scrapped pilot also starred All Rise’s Marg Helgenberger. The cancelled CBS courtroom drama was recently picked up by OWN, and Helgenberger was reportedly the only series regular who wasn’t signed on for a third season. With her workload greatly lightened, it wouldn't be surprising if she returned to her former show as well, pending contract negotiations. 

Matt Long previously posted on social media during the #SaveManifest campaign and was more than excited to hear that Netflix picked up the series. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that he has signed on as a series regular for Season 4. Seeing as his character plays such a major part in figuring out how to survive the Death Date, Manifest would not be the same without him. And of course, there's also the fact that viewers need him to help keep the always dramatic Zeke-Michaela-Jared love triangle going. But whether the actor is a regular or not, fans are likely getting more of him, and it'll be interesting to see what lies ahead for his character.

While we wait for more news on Matt Long's status, you can rewatch all three seasons of Manifest on Netflix to prep for Season 4!


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