Manifest Season 4: Why Matt Long's Zeke May Appear Less Than Other Characters On Netflix

Matt Long as Zeke Landon in Manifest.

With Season 4 of Manifest officially happening, more information is already being spilled about the upcoming final season of the missing plane drama on Netflix. While cast negotiations were ongoing when Netflix picked up the series, most of them have been fulfilled, with one star even getting a promotion. That said, because the series was originally cancelled, Matt Long had landed a lead in a NBC pilot. So what does this mean for Zeke Landon?

In July, Matt Long landed a role in the NBC pilot Getaway. The series would center on an island for a destination wedding, where criminals take over. Although the series is still in the pilot stage, Long may need to juggle between the two projects, depending on what happens with Getaway. However, Manifest fans don’t have to worry, as he confirmed at the Creative Arts Emmys via TV Insider that Zeke is still part of the series, but didn’t know yet in what capacity:

I don’t know what’s coming. I just hope that Zeke plays a really big part in it, and I’m just really excited and can’t wait to see what it is. We’ve got a few months before we start up, so we’re all really thrilled.

Zeke was first introduced several episodes into the first season as a hiker who went missing but then came back. It was revealed he had a connection to Cal, which raised the question of just what is really behind Flight 828? After surviving his Death Date in the Season 2 finale, Zeke and Michaela were able to start their lives together, while still trying to solve the 828 mysteries.

Zeke’s newfound empath powers in Season 3 made it easy for him to feel what other people are feeling, though at times it would almost be too much for him. It wouldn’t be surprising if these powers grew in Season 4, but it all depends on just how many of the twenty episodes Matt Long will be in. Long continued to drop some details about what his schedule looks like with both Manifest and Getaway:

I will be back for some of it, and we are just trying to work out the maximum amount that we can. I love the characters so much, but as you know, the show was canceled. The other show is a pilot. We don’t know what’s happening with it yet. It’s also a really awesome project. So, we’re just trying to work out schedules and everybody wants the best thing for everyone. So fingers crossed that it all works out for the best.

It’s nice to know that even though Matt Long has another project in the works, his schedule will (hopefully) still allow him to be in as many Manifest episodes as possible. Currently there is no telling when Season 4 of Manifest will premiere on Netflix, but it’s hopeful that filming will start before the year ends. Long’s future on Manifest may be dependent on when Getaway will film and whether or not NBC picks it up to series.

All three seasons of Manifest are currently streaming on Netflix if you want to revisit the series during the wait for the fourth and final season. Check out CinemaBlend’s fall 2021 TV guide to see what shows to look forward to in the coming months!

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