Manifest Star Has Already Landed New Show As Fans Wait To See If NBC Changes Mind About Cancellation

Matt Long as Zeke Landon in Manifest.

The waiting game continues for NBC’s Manifest as the cast and fans anxiously await any news regarding a possible renewal following last month’s cancellation (and some hedging more might come down the pipeline). While NBC and Netflix are reportedly in talks again with Warner Bros., since cast options have expired, the actors are free to take on any new roles, and star Matt Long has already landed his first post-Manifest gig.

Matt Long, who played hiker Zeke Landon and who was connected to Flight 828 despite not being a passenger, has been cast in a new pilot, coincidentally at NBC, according to Deadline. He joins a stacked cast including CSI alumna Marg Helgenberger, The Rookie’s Jasmine Matthews and E.J. Bonilla from The Old Man, alongside Annie Ilonzeh. The new NBC pilot will be a drama and it's currently rolling with the title Getaway. The potential series would center on a destination wedding. While it should be a peaceful weekend, it won't be once criminals take over the island. There should be some other intrigue with politics involved and the guests trying to stick it out on the island despite the dangers they will face.

If the project moves forward, the Manifest actor will be playing Jack Pierce, a man who always gets everything he’s wanted. After falling for Jasmine Matthew’s Grace, a wedding is afoot, though it's worth noting the character is also set on creating a professional career that is separate from his mother, who will be played by Sen. Charlotte Pierce (Marg Helgenberger). Long’s deal with Getaway is for a year, but if both the pilot goes through and Manifest does wind up getting renewed, it’s possible the actor could find a way to do both, depending on how the scheduling plays out. This is particularly true with NBC being the network behind both shows, that could make it easy if the network does decide to bring back the veteran drama.

Following Manifest’s twist-filled Season 3 finale last month, fans have been trying desperately to get the show a fourth season, even after both NBC and Netflix made their decisions on the show. While it’s still possible that Manifest could be saved, especially after nearly hitting a major milestone on Netflix, it’s not surprising that some of the cast was to take up new projects. They can’t wait around forever and it's better to take a new series when they are fresh off a well-liked other project like Manifest. Still, through social media posts, it’s been clear that the show means as much to the cast as it does to the fans, and they want more than anything to get another season or at least a proper conclusion to wrap up those lingering questions.

Recently, Manifest showrunner Jeff Rake kept the hope for a renewal during an interview, noting that if some shows can come back from the dead for new seasons or a movie, why can’t Manifest? There is no telling when NBC or Netflix will make their final decisions on the show, which is still in the Top 10 on Netflix even after moving back and forth on the chart. But in the meantime, don’t be surprised if more actors from the show start landing other roles; just don’t take it the wrong way. In the near future, no news about Manifest may honestly be good news!

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