After NBC Cancellation, Manifest's Creator And Cast Are Keeping Fans' Hopes Alive For Season 4

A plethora of unbelievable situations and moments were scattered throughout Manifest's three seasons on NBC, but one of the biggest jaw-droppers happened off-screen when the network decided to pull the plug and cancel the twisty mystery drama. Not only did the cancellation happen soon after the cliffhanger-filled Season 3 finale, but it also coincided with Manifest's rapid ascent to the top of Netflix's TV rankings, causing many fans to question NBC even more incredulously than they would have otherwise. Thankfully, though, show creator Jeff Rake and stars such as Melissa Roxborough and Josh Dallas are stoking the social media flames for Manifest to find a new home.

While the "#SaveManifest" hashtag was already going around a bit before creator Jeff Rake shared his reaction to NBC's cancellation, he and Manifest's cast members definitely put it to good use. Check out Rake's emotion-driven response below:

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Obviously a TV cancellation is a hard thing to deal with no matter when it gets announced, but it almost always hurts the most when it comes attached to a finale with cliffhangers galore. For one, because the cast and crew were clearly optimistic enough about Season 4's renewal chances to go so hard on building up new storylines rather than attempting to wrap up its characters' narratives. (Save for Athena Karkanis' Grace, that is.) And then two, it's obviously a huge blow to the fanbase to not get any true closure for the Callings, Flight 828, or any of the other big mysteries.

Following Jeff Rake's message to fans, just about all of Manifest's stars also took to social media to not only keep fans' hopes up, but also to keep the show's future on everyone's minds. Melissa Roxburgh, who portrays lead Michaela Stone, and her TV sibling Josh Dallas, who plays Ben Stone, both took to Twitter with simple "#SaveManifest" messages that fans immediately commented on and started sharing.

Meanwhile, even though she presumably wouldn't have been involved with Season 4 on a mainstay basis, the aforementioned Athena Karkanis took to Instagram to champion Manifest's dominance on Netflix and shared her hopes for the streaming giant to be the company to step in and save the mystery drama from the cancellation abyss.

Number 1 on Netflix! NBC may have let Manifest go, but there is still hope Netflix will pick it up. Make some noise fans!!! #savemanifest

Co-star Luna Blaise, who won fans over as daughter Olive Stone, was taken aback by all the love and support that fans oozed in the aftermath of Manifest's cancellation news.

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Manifest star Parveen Kaur, who portrayed the medically geared Saanvi, sounds like she could have shared a few choice words with the world about the drama's cancellation, but chose to bottle it up and hope for a network savior to step in.

I have some thoughts but in the meantime... #SaveManifest

Actress Holly Taylor, who joined Manifest in Season 3 as the duplicitous Angelina, was especially grateful for all the attention the show is getting, and definitely still wants to continue the story if possible.

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At this point, it's pretty hard to gauge what might happen with Manifest's future. The show's secrecy-filled plot and core fanbase are presumably positive marks for studios and production companies, and its current popularity boost on Netflix can't hurt. The big question will, of course, be whether or not the show's fanbase is worthy of whatever the total budget would be for a new season.

While waiting to see if Manifest gets saved by another network or streaming service, you can currently stream the first three seasons in their entirety, and don't forget to stay current with all the upcoming shows hitting the 2021 Summer TV schedule.

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