This Is Us' Rebecca Would Probably Approve Of Mandy Moore's Classy Response To Emmy Snub After Final Season

Mandy Moore as Rebecca on This Is Us.
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The 2022 Primetime Emmy Award nominations have been announced, and a plethora of shows were recognized in prestigious categories. Of course, some shows weren't able to land as many nods as they would've liked, including NBC’s heart-wrenching drama This Is Us. The critically acclaimed show ended its run earlier this year with a well-received final season. Considering the positive reactions it got from critics and fans, the snubs are disappointing. Though series star Mandy Moore took it in stride, and her character -- Rebecca Pearson -- would be proud. 

Shortly after Emmy nominations were revealed, Mandy Moore took to her Instagram stories to speak out about the light awards love in a very classy way. She praised the work of director Ken Olin, writer/creator Dan Fogelman and the rest of the cast and crew for an outstanding season that not only meant a lot to the fans but to their team as well. Needless to say, this message gives all sorts of Rebecca Pearson vibes:

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It’s definitely disappointing that the show didn’t get the recognition it deserved, especially since the finale provided plenty of great little moments and gave hints at what's next for "the big three." Despite that, the actress still made sure to recognize the one nomination the family drama did receive, which was for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics:

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Earlier this year, the cast seemed confident about their chances of getting nominated. Even the 3-year-old Jack actor was hyped up for consideration. Three-time Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown even made a passionate plea for his TV mom to get a nomination. Said spiel following the airing of the episode “Day of the Wedding,” in which viewers not only got to see Kate and Philip’s marriage but were also able to see more of Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s battle.

Mandy Moore’s TV daughter, Chrissy Metz, also took to Instagram stories (via Yahoo! Entertainment) to respond to the Emmy snubs. Just like Moore, Metz did it in a very dignified manner that her character's mother would've definitely appreciated:

When there are people who are so innately, incredibly gifted and talented who write a show — Dan Fogelman — and who act and star in a show — Mandy Moore — that don’t get recognized for their beautiful work? And the way that they have changed people’s lives and hearts and minds, and for the connective tissue between other human beings, and they don’t get recognized for it?” Metz wrote, followed by a collection of exasperated and surprised sounds. “I understand it’s not everything, honey, but it’s something.

I guess, at the very least, the stars can appreciate the one nomination, as some shows were shut out entirely. ABC comedy black-ish, which also ended its run earlier this year, is one of them. Series lead Anthony Anderson spoke on the Emmy snubs while guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Though his response was a lot jokier compared to the TiU alums.

But like it or not, snubs do happen, and they're not always easy pills for creatives or their fans to swallow. I still say that Mandy Moore certainly deserved the gold this year. Rebecca's emotional scene with the big three alone is proof of that. Still, it's good that the cast is taking things well and seemingly not harping on the limited love from the Television Academy. If it's any consolation, though. Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz and co. are all Emmy winners in my book.

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