TV Star Tunisha Sharma Died By Suicide On The Set Of Her Show, And Her Co-Star Has Been Arrested

Actress Tunisha Sharma reportedly died by suicide on the set of an Indian TV show on Saturday. The rising star was shooting scenes for Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul, a popular Sony SAB show in which she plays the co-lead, when she allegedly left to use the washroom. When she did not return, others on set reportedly kicked down the door and found her hanging. She was rushed to the hospital, but doctors could not save her. She was just 20.

In the aftermath of her tragic death, police have arrested her co-star Sheezan Mohammed Khan. The 28-year-old lead of Ali Baba was allegedly dating Tunisha Sharma until fifteen days before her passing. She was reportedly distraught over the break-up, and based on a complaint by her mother, Khan was arrested for “abetment of suicide.” A Vasai Court ordered him to spend the next four days in police custody, per Indian Express. Khan’s advocate met with the media yesterday and according to media outlet AIN, called the allegations “baseless.” He claims police have his client’s phone and have not found any evidence to support “abetment” of the suicide. 

Tunisha Sharma rose to prominence as a popular child actress. She was first featured on the show Maharana Pratap and later went on to star as a younger version of Katrina Kaif in multiple movies. Kaif is one of the most popular and highest paid actresses in Bollywood, and that association helped propel her career forward, as she landed several big roles including the co-lead in Ali Baba, which had aired 108 episodes prior to her death.

Not much is known publicly about Khan and Sharma’s relationship or what may have led to their break-up. The case is attracting a lot of media attention in India, however, so it’s likely more details will emerge. Police have already reportedly spoken to fourteen people including some of the show’s co-stars who have told the media the two’s relationship was known on set. 

The actress, who had more than a million followers, posted the following to Instagram just hours before her death…

Investigations into Tunisha Sharma's death will move forward, as local police continue to gather more evidence. She will reportedly be cremated later this week, once family members arrive from out of town. 

If you ever have feelings of self-harm or just need someone to talk to, please call a suicide prevention hotline. The number is 988 in the United States, and most other countries have their own version which is readily available. Information can be found here.

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