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Undertaker Fan Begged The WWE Legend For Brutal Chop Across The Chest, And I'm Not Surprised Whiskey Was Nearby

The Undertaker with his hat real low.
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The Undertaker officially hung up his boots as a professional wrestler back in late 2020, and now that he’s officially retired, the mystique he maintained for years is gone with it. Of course, wrestling fans still remember the height of Undertaker’s fame, so whether he’s “The Deadman” or just regular Mark Calaway, there will be people who approach him with requests. One fan recently requested one of his brutal chest chops, and shockingly, Undertaker obliged. 

A TikTok video is making rounds that shows Undertaker and a man in a venue that could either be a restaurant or a reception. Despite the fancy decoration, the man is adamant that Taker chops him in the chest, and after some hesitation, he agrees. Watch the brutal delivery below, and note the half-empty bottle of whiskey on the table behind the men.

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That chop seemed brutal, though given the size and strength of The Undertaker, that’s not surprising. The man went to the ground, possibly out of pain, or to avoid an even harder chop, or just to act out a dream scenario. Whatever the reason, everyone seemed to get a real kick out of it, including Taker, who helped the man up at the end. We can’t say for certain if alcohol played a part in this, but it’s certainly the kind of silliness that would occur as a result of drinking. 

The video may be jarring to some pro wrestling fans, especially if they know a lot about The Undertaker. Mark Calaway believed in the old-school wrestling mentality of “living the gimmick” which meant fans rarely purposely saw him in public where he wasn’t suited up as his wrestling persona. If he wasn’t, then he wasn’t acting or acknowledging the fact he’s The Undertaker. Seeing this side of Calaway used to be a rare occurrence, so it’s odd to see him just chopping a dude down at random in some food hall. 

Odd as it may be, The Undertaker’s next chapter is likely something that fans will need to get comfortable with. The wrestler just had an interactive special debut on Netflix, and it certainly takes the character less seriously than the WWE did back in, say, the Attitude Era. This surely isn’t the same character who drowned Paul Bearer in concrete or hanged The Big Boss Man during Hell in a Cell

Of course, that’s not to say The Undertaker may not occasionally appear again in the WWE and be his same scary self. To clarify, I don’t think anyone expects the modern WWE ever to let Undertaker be as violent on current television as he once was. Still, I don’t think Undertaker is completely gone just because Mark Calaway chest chops folks in public now. It’s just different. Change is normal for wrestling fans at this point, especially with how many things changed in the last year for the WWE. 

Monday Night Raw airs on USA Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET, and SmackDown airs on Fox Fridays at the same time. While we’re on the topic of change, be sure to read up on where released WWE star Bray Wyatt could be headed based on the latest rumors

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