Where's Bray Wyatt Headed After WWE Release? Here's The Latest

Bray Wyatt on the Firefly Fun House
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Bray Wyatt’s surprise release by the WWE shocked wrestling fans, but few doubted he’d find a home with another pro wrestling organization. Now, with over 60 days passed since word of his release, rumors have surfaced about signings with both Impact Wrestling and AEW, but where will he land? 

The latest on Bray Wyatt’s next move arrived via Fightful, in which Sean Ross Sapp reported that the former WWE superstar is not “close to a contract” with Impact Wrestling. That means that we shouldn’t expect Wyatt to debut on Impact anytime soon, despite the fact that his former stablemate, Braun Strowman, is reportedly in talks to join the wrestling organization. 

It’s hard to determine the significance of the news, especially with how little we know about the details surrounding Bray Wyatt’s departure. If his situation were to be the same as other WWE releases in 2021, then it’s likely Wyatt has a 90-day non-compete clause in which he can’t appear for another organization until that date has lapsed. Provided Wyatt’s release matches up with the timing of the public announcement, he wouldn’t be available for any organization until around Halloween. That's great timing for a wrestler with a spooky persona but, again, there are still a lot of unknowns regarding his exact availability.

The Impact Wrestling news came not long after another rumor, which alleged that Bray Wyatt would debut on AEW: Dynamite in a show honoring Brodie Lee. Lee, who was known as Luke Harper in the WWE, was close friends with Wyatts and part of The Wyatt Family stable. But ultimately, the night came and went without an appearance from the wrestler. Despite that, AEW has landed plenty of former WWE talent lately, so it’s believed that the organization is still a contender to sign him. 

The free agent hasn’t dropped any hints one way or another on where he’ll wrestle next, but he’s slowly been responding more to fans and tweeting more on social media as of late. The wrestler, who (on social media) has reverted back to his legal name Windham Rotunda, has made vaguely teased his return to wrestling and that the creepiness of his persona will remain intact. None of that is a major surprise, though, considering his gimmicks such as “Bray Wyatt” and “The Fiend” were massively popular in the WWE and would likely go over just as well elsewhere. 

The only thing that seems certain is that Bray Wyatt is done with WWE and that the breakup may not have been as amicable as it was with other wrestlers. He was reportedly expected to return to the brand following his loss to Randy Orton at WrestleMania, but alleged disagreements about the direction of his character resulted in his release later in the year. 

CinemaBlend will continue to keep an eye on what’s happening with Bray Wyatt and where he’ll eventually debut as the month of October draws to a close. For more on what's happening in the world of wrestling, read up on the big Monday Night Raw star who will likely head to SmackDown soon.

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