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Wait, Is WWE Actually Bringing Back Shane McMahon For WrestleMania 38?

Shane McMahon in WWE
(Image credit: WWE )

The WWE’s road to WrestleMania 38 hit a very large speed bump early on, and it was reportedly thanks in part to Shane McMahon, who'd allegedly taken the blame for a poorly handled Men’s Royal Rumble event. After much discussion and murmuring behind the scenes, McMahon reportedly lost the job that he’d only just returned for. And following that whole still mostly alleged situation, the latest rumor within this saga is even wilder, somehow, as it's reported that Vince McMahon's son is returning  to the brand for WrestleMania 38 but is that actually happening?

This latest rumor harbors on Shane McMahon reportedly being in Dallas for the entirety of WrestleMania 38. As first reported by PW Insider, it’s apparently been confirmed that McMahon will be present for the WrestleMania festivities, though it’s unclear at this time if there’s a plan to incorporate him in the massive pay-per-view event for any on-camera action. 

Before his alleged firing from WWE, reports stated Shane McMahon was brought back specifically for a feud with Seth Rollins that would conclude with the two’s match at WrestleMania. That all changed when various wrestlers reportedly took issue with how McMahon booked himself and others during the Men’s Royal Rumble, and news swirled that his match with Rollins was removed. The WWE recently confirmed that Seth Rollins will be competing at WrestleMania 38, though neither he nor the audience will know his opponent until he steps into the ring.

Previously, before this latest news surfaced, many believed Rollins' opponent would be Cody Rhodes. Rhodes left AEW months ago, with reported intentions to come to the WWE, and he allegedly solidified his deal in the recent past. Bringing Rhodes back to face Rollins at WrestleMania feels like it'd be a fitting return for the former WWE star, and a big win for company altogether after losing so many other talents to AEW

Now, with Shane McMahon allegedly back in WWE, there’s worry the Cody Rhodes match isn’t happening and that McMahon will still wrestle Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 38. I can’t speak to the odds of McMahon facing Rollins, but I do know the latest on Rhodes’ arrival mentioned the WWE planned his debut for the first Monday Night Raw following WrestleMania. Provided that’s still true, then there’s a good chance that Rollins isn’t facing Rhodes, which opens the door to a match with McMahon. 

Of course, it’s always important to note that most pro wrestling news is steeped in rumors and speculation. Outside of wrestling, no one would bat an eye at the head of a company inviting his son to one of his compay’s biggest events of the year. That is to say, Shane McMahon might just be there to enjoy the show and some Texas brisket, assuming he’s there at all. I’m not sure the WWE will bring him in for such a huge match with Rollins after keeping McMahon off television since the Royal Rumble, but who knows what will happen on the big night? 

WrestleMania 38 will be streaming for anyone with a Peacock premium subscription on Saturday, April 2nd, and on Sunday, April 3rd. Don’t forget to watch the Hall Of Fame induction ceremony on Friday, April 1st, to see icons like Undertaker and many others honored. 

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