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Wait, Has The Date For Cody Rhodes' Alleged WWE Return Been Revealed?

When rumors first alleged that Cody Rhodes left AEW and had plans to return to the WWE, many saw it as a massive win for Vince McMahon’s organization. Then, time passed, and more reports claimed a deal hadn’t happened, eventually leading some to wonder if the claims regarding Rhodes’ interest in returning to WWE were true. That changed over the weekend, however, due to reports from multiple sources claiming Rhodes has signed on the dotted line. And his return date may have been revealed as well.

The latest report on the situation comes from Fightful Select, which alleges that while it hasn't officially confirmed Rhodes’ signing, its sources claim to know that WWE is operating as if he’ll soon be a part of the company. Additionally, it’s said that Cody Rhodes will allegedly make his debut on Monday, April 4th. That’s the first Monday Night Raw the evening following Night Two of WrestleMania 38, which is often a night where surprising returns of wrestlers can occur. 

Of course, WrestleMania is also a time for surprising wrestler comebacks or debuts. While I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of the star-making his debut during one of the two nights planned for WrestleMania, it makes sense why the wrestling company wouldn’t bring him into the fold. If the alleged deal didn’t get done until recently, there are only two weeks to go until WrestleMania 38. That’s not nearly enough time to establish a feud for a match or re-introduce a wrestler who hasn’t been around the company for quite some time. With news that the wrestling organization is keeping at least one major superstar currently on its roster out of the big event, it seems unlikely the athlete would appear.

Cody Rhodes isn’t just any wrestler, though, and I think it’s fair to say that a majority of the wrestling world is watching his every move at the moment. AEW has snagged loads of talent from WWE over the past couple of years and even got CM Punk to return to wrestling. Still, if the company has regained Rhodes after he helped found AEW and played a part in its continued success in the present, it’s hard not to think the war between the two companies officially reached the next level. 

Of course, it should be stressed that any signing is far from official at this point. As alluded to, it wasn’t that long ago that rumors alleged that his signing was a sure thing, and then his return seemed uncertain for a time. Personally, I’m just hoping to see him appear at a WWE event, so we can talk less about the possibility of it happening and for the fan-favorite wrestler to continue on making some more iconic moments like he did in the past.

Monday Night Raw airs on USA on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. WrestleMania 38 streams for anyone with a Peacock premium subscription on Saturday, April 2nd, and Sunday, April 3rd. It definitely feels like it’ll be a Mania for the ages, especially if Cody Rhodes happens to make a surprise appearance ahead of an official return. 

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