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Walker’s Cordell Made A Decision About His Future, But Will He Stick To It?

Cordell in Walker
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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Walker episode “Two Points For Honesty.” Read at your own risk!

Captain Larry James had a brush with death after being shot in the previous Walker episode, and when he went out of commission, he put Cordell in his spot as interim captain. The experience allowed Cordell to see what it’s like to steer the ship and finally take command. By the episode’s end, Walker got a full taste of what it’s like to lead, and it helped him make a big decision about his future. The real question is, will he stick to the idea that a leadership position is not what he wants? 

While it seemed possible that the main character of Walker might revel in the idea of leading others, Cordell defied expectations. Cordell struggled the entire episode attempting to find the man responsible for James’ injuries, and had he not had an assist from Liam (who wasn’t supposed to be helping), he wouldn’t have had a lead in the case. Eventually, the problem was solved, but James and Walker weren’t exactly happy with the end result. 

It turns out that the man who shot James was someone the captain arrested not long ago, whose life was ruined after James told him he’d ask the judge for leniency. James apologized to the armed man and hoped to make things right, but a member of the strike team shot the man before James could wave them off. Ultimately, no one was at fault, but the incident inspired a lot of introspection for the captain. 

While Cordell told Captain James he’s fine no longer pursuing a leadership position, James acknowledged they need to fill the void left by Micki’s departure. James needed less guys like the strike force trooper who shot first and more folks like Walker and Micki who knew the right call even if it wasn’t always in line with the orders. The two committed to trying to retool and work towards a force that makes a better effort to see the gray in situations and, hopefully, prevent more unfortunate circumstances in the future. 

For now, it looks like James will be ready to return to action in Walker sooner rather than later. That means Cordell gets to resume his normal duties, but I have to wonder if he won’t try for a leadership position again in the future. After all, he had the ambition to go further in his career before, and maybe in a situation where he isn’t forced into the role, he’d do better? I guess we’ll see how things shake out after Serrano and what twist could emerge by the end of this season. 

Walker airs over at The CW on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Trouble is certainly brewing even though Captain James pulled through, and who knows where the next crisis may spring up?

Mick Joest
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