How Walker Said Goodbye To Lindsey Morgan's Micki In Season 2

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Walker episode “You Will Remember Me.” Read at your own risk!

Walker fans might’ve known that Lindsey Morgan was leaving The CW series before the end of Season 2, but they had no idea when or how Micki Ramirez would officially depart. That answer came in the fall finale, in which Micki made some major decisions about her future and made her way out of the series. Here’s what went down and whether or not there’s a chance Micki returns to Walker in the future. 

Micki finally had an honest conversation with Trey about her past and how she ran into her ex-fiancé while in deep cover. Trey, unsurprisingly, took all the news incredibly well, but his acceptance wasn’t all Micki needed. She told Trey she needed to get her mind right and to fully do that, she had to move back home to San Antonio. She assured Trey that she loved him, and he said the same and gave his blessing for her to go. 

With the plan for San Antonio in action, Micki made her way to the station later that night in order to turn in her badge and gun, perhaps hoping to avoid a painful conversation with her coworkers and friends, but was met by James and Walker at the office. The two were upset to see Micki head back home but ultimately didn’t stand in the way or try to convince her to stay. James took Micki’s badge but assured her that the door was always open for her to return in the future should she want to. 

The plotline gave Lindsey Morgan a chance to return to Walker if she wanted, but will that actually happen? Morgan spoke to TV Insider about her exit and fielded a question about if Micki is actually gone from Walker for good.

Well, you never know. I hope not. My plan is…I hope not.

Lindsey Morgan could return to Walker someday, though when that might actually happen isn’t known currently. The actress decided to leave the series for personal reasons, and while those reasons aren’t publicly known, she had the full support of Jared Padalecki and others on the cast. The actor shared a kind message for his co-star on the night of the episode and got an equally kind message from Morgan in return.

It’s great to see Lindsey Morgan’s exit go so smoothly. She gave Walker fans great memories as Micki, and it’s possible more will be made in the future. Walker will return to The CW with new episodes beginning on Thursday, January 13 at 8:00 p.m. ET. The next year should see if Walker can finally lay the Serrano drama to bed and do it without losing someone close to him in the process.

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