Walker’s Jared Padalecki Talks Whether He’ll Appear On Independence Spinoff

Cordell in Walker
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Jared Padalecki has been dealing with bad guys as Texas Ranger Cordell Walker on The CW’s Walker for only a few seasons, but the series already managed to get a prequel spinoff, Walker: Independence. While the spinoff takes place in the late 1800s and follows Kat McNamara as a Walker ancestor, Padalecki still apparently wants to appear on the show.

Even though Padalecki does not star in the prequel, for obvious reasons, he is still heavily involved as he’s an executive producer. In an interview with TVLine, he expressed interest in appearing in Walker: Independence, and he has quite a few options on how that can happen since the series shoot in different states:

It’s totally something we’ve talked about and thought about since Day 1 of the conception of Walker Independence. And whether it’s a flashback on Walker, or a flash-forward on Walker Independence, or whether they can dress me up enough to let me exist in Independence, just not as Cordell Walker, I see a bunch of fun ways to kind of integrate the two, and keep that Walker-verse thriving and throw in Easter eggs.

It definitely would be nice to see Jared Padalecki make a quick cameo on Walker: Independence. While I do wonder how the shows could make it work considering that they're set in different centuries, the actor has some interesting ideas! Perhaps there's even a way to do it without Padalecki needing to be in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is where Independence is shot.

Although it’s unknown if and when we’ll see Jared Padalecki on Walker: Independence, the series did just recently include a very familiar face for Supernatural fans. Former King of Hell Mark Sheppard plays Hagan on the Walker prequel, and while Hagan is no Crowley, it was definitely fun to see him back on The CW. 

Of course, it might be a good idea to just focus on Cordell in the present on Walker since he and his brother Liam are still going through it following their kidnapping. Cordell is already a changed man after those events, even if he doesn’t want to believe it and acts like everything is okay. Though perhaps Abigail can appear to him in a dream? Or his parents could tell him some stories of their ancestors. 

As for Walker: Independence, the series already seems to be leading Abigail to disaster for Season 1, even though losing her husband was already harsh enough. Now that she’s a legal advisor, she’s able to not only continue doing a job she’s good at but can also watch out for the sheriff, who killed her husband. So right now, both shows seem to be pretty occupied with other storylines, but if it fits into the story, who knows if Jared Padalecki will pop up on Independence in the near future? Even if he is just some random guy riding through town. 

Since Jared Padalecki does want to appear on Walker: Independence in some way, fingers crossed that will happen. But in the meantime, new episodes of Walker and Walker: Independence air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET and 9 p.m. ET, respectively, on The CW. Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else to look forward to.

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