Wendy Williams Called Out By Her Brother For Skipping Father's Birthday Party And Not Starting Her Podcast Yet

wendy williams at the circle of sisters conference in 2022
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Former daytime talk show host Wendy Williams has certainly seen her fair share of difficulties over the past several years, with her health being one of her main obstacles. But, she’s also done things that have led to some strife within her family, and now her brother has called her out again, this time for skipping their dad’s recent birthday bash, while also not having started her podcast yet.

What Did Wendy Williams’ Brother Say About Her Not Attending Their Father’s Birthday Party?

It was just this past weekend that the family had a party to celebrate the 92nd birthday of patriarch Thomas Williams, Sr., but the embattled host’s brother, Tommy, has now told The U.S. Sun that she was a no-show for the big day. Based on what he said to the outlet, he has some strong feelings about her not attending:

The focus never seemed to have gotten back to family and particularly my dad. And that's the travesty in all of this. She's caught up in what everyone else is caught up in, how her life is panning out. Just be a family member, just be a daughter, but I guess she's not going to be either. I guess she's going to be a show host, but a nice role would be a daughter - because our parents have done everything for us. That's the painful part of it all and it is what it is. But it's not slowing his vitality down, or his zest for life and joy. There is still nothing new on the podcast front, so I don't know what her focus is.

Williams’ brother is indeed correct that many fans and celeb watchers have been “caught up” in how her life is turning out, as 2022 was filled with setbacks for her. The Hot Topics talker’s many health issues led to her absence from the final season of her show, and the number of rumors surrounding her physical and mental state, added to the very real problems she was facing (including another stint in rehab over addiction struggles), caused her beloved series to be canceled and replaced in the fall of last year with a new one, Sherri

As she was dealing with her professional troubles, she also had to deal with another major impediment to her personal life, when she had to begin fighting her bank to get access to her money, as those in charge had been told she might not be in the right frame of mind to handle her finances. Unfortunately, the legal actions she took didn’t work, and she was placed under a financial guardianship in May 2022. In fact, early December saw her son’s eviction from his Miami apartment, and her complicated money situation was said to be the cause for that.

As her brother noted, Williams is supposed to be on the comeback trail with a new podcast, The Wendy Experience, which the star’s manager announced last June. However, while it’s been many months since that reveal, and though she promoted the podcast launch in late December by talking up merchandise for the new show, it has yet to air any episodes.

Hopefully, Williams will be able to mend the familial rift soon, and also present fans who’ve sorely missed her with the new podcast sooner rather than later.

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