Wendy Williams' Money Troubles Might Be Over After Reported Court Appointment, But Will She Be Happy About It?

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Fans of The Wendy Williams Show will know that the talk show host has had many difficulties to deal with over the past several months. While Williams was attempting to save her show and get healthier and back to her old self so that she could return, she found herself embroiled in a fight with her bank, which had locked her out of her accounts. Now, it sounds like her money troubles might be over after a recent court appointment, but Williams might not be happy about it.

What’s The Status Of Wendy Williams’ Fight With Her Bank?

Wendy Williams has been locked in a battle with her bank, Wells Fargo, since January, when the daytime queen says that they first locked her out of her accounts and denied her access to both her money and any information regarding it. In early February, Williams had her attorney file an emergency petition in New York and ask for a restraining order to keep the bank from denying access, and The U.S. Sun is now reporting that, after a court date, it appears that Williams might soon be able to access her money again.

The bank had frozen her accounts so an investigation could take place regarding whether or not Williams would need a guardian to monitor her finances for her, amid her health issues and a report from her former financial advisor that said Williams was “of unsound mind.” But, an anonymous source close to the situation now says:

The guardianship process is complete, which means the court appointed a financial guardian. Now it's up to the guardian, Wendy and the court as to how she will be accessing her money.

Apparently, Wells Fargo isn’t even involved in the court proceedings anymore, and now it will be up to Williams and her financial guardian to make decisions about her money, with the bank now having to act in accordance with whatever they determine is the best course of action. Several of the outlet's sources also noted that there had been a temporary guardian in place since at least March, though we don’t know whether or not that person is the same one now appointed by the court. And, one source even noted that Williams could regain access to her money by this July.

Why Might Wendy Williams Not Be Happy About The Court’s Decision?

One of the things that plagued Williams as she tried to recover from a number of health issues, while guest hosts filled in for her on The Wendy Williams Show, was the large number of rumors surrounding her supposed worsening medical condition. Claims were made that Williams could no longer dress or feed herself on a regular basis, and that her mental state was in jeopardy, with her no longer being able to recognize those closest to her. 

But, after many months of there being no clear communication from Williams herself, she eventually began showing fans what was really going on with her. In late February, Williams posted a positive health update for fans, but just a few days later her show was cancelled, and it was announced that Sherri Shepherd (who’d become a favorite among the show’s guest hosts) would take over the timeslot with her own show in the fall.

Through it all, Williams has maintained that she is of sound mind, and can continue to manage her own money and should be allowed to do so without any sort of court appointed guardian. And, an Instagram post from her about two months ago saw Williams passionately speak out about how unfair her current financial situation is. So, while it sounds like she will soon be granted access to her accounts again, only being able to do so with the assistance of a financial guardian is probably going to sting, and quite a lot.

But, another source has also explained that this situation might not be permanent for Williams, and noted that this isn’t the same as what Britney Spears went through for so many years:

The court can eventually decide to give Wendy back full control over her accounts and end the guardianship - but that is up to the court. She doesn't have 100% control right now, [but] this isn't like a Britney Spears conservatorship - this is a financial guardian - this is someone who is watching over her finances, who is making sure that the decisions that are happening with her accounts are in her best interest. When Wendy asks for something to happen, the guardian is making sure it is in her own financial best interest first.

Wendy Williams has yet to speak out on this reported court appointed financial guardianship, but did say just a couple of weeks ago that because “everything is frozen,” she was getting money from friends for “essential things.” So, all we can hope is that the situation turns out as well for her as it can, and that Williams will be able to return to TV some day soon.

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