Wendy Williams Says She's 'Happy To Be Here' As She Makes Another Move Toward Getting Back To Work

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2022 has been an eventful year for Wendy Williams, to say the very least. Her long-running talk show was cancelled and the time slot handed over to Sherri Shepherd, with Williams not even appearing in The Wendy Williams Show finale in the flesh. The former TV host and radio personality also spent some time in rehab, and it was just earlier in December that her son was evicted from his apartment, partially due to her complicated finances. Now, however, she has shared that she’s “happy to be here” while getting back to work with a fun new move.

Despite losing her TV show, news broke back in June that Wendy Williams was planning on kicking off the next stage of her career with a podcast, which has been moving forward after earlier rumors that she has a different project in mind. With the podcast, called The Wendy Experience, still in the works, the host herself took to Instagram to share a happy message with her fans. She posted:

The video is a perfect fit for the holidays with snow surrounding the house, so who can argue with Wendy Williams’ comment of “‘tis the season” to go along with her holiday wishes? She went on to tell fans that official merchandise for The Wendy Experience is now available, and she’s “just happy to be here.” She’s certainly all smiles in the quick video! 

The merch celebrates The Wendy Experience with sweaters, hoodies, and hats, of course in shades of pink, black, and white! Interestingly, the items – which range in price from $45 - $75 – are up for sale before the podcast has even premiered. In late November, Williams spoke at Circle Of Sisters 2022 and previewed that it was expected to launch within the “next few weeks,” but the first episode is not yet available. 

The merch rolling out may be a good sign that the podcast itself will debut sooner rather than later in 2023. According to the website for the upcoming project, The Wendy Experience will be a one-hour nationally syndicated podcast that covers hot topics and will feature celebrity interviews. The project already seems to be accumulating fans before premiering as well, with more than 105,000 followers after just 19 posts, one of which confirmed that the iconic purple chair from The Wendy Williams Show was one of the items saved for the host after the series’ cancellation. 

All things considered, Wendy Williams’ future is looking brighter than ever since her show's cancellation, after spending time in rehab starting in August, announcing her new project, and now releasing a line of merch. Hopefully her podcast will be available early in the new year, although there’s also plenty on the way in the 2023 TV premiere schedule to keep fans entertained while waiting for her first big project following the end of her TV show.

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