Ouch, Gordon Ramsay's Daughter Apparently Prefers Her Mom's Cooking

Gordon Ramsay on Masterchef Junior

You read that headline right. Gordon Ramsay, king of the kitchen, chief of the stars, righter of cooking wrongs, falls short of his wife’s skills. Ramsay has made an amazing career out of being a hard-ass in the kitchen, creating and leading a number of shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Masterchef, and a number of spinoffs. An impressive resume hasn’t stopped his oldest daughter, Matilda Ramsay, from proclaiming a preference to her mother’s cooking, though.

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Listen, Gordon Ramsay is kitchen GOALS. How else could he make a living degrading and screaming at would-be chefs? He is probably the only person on Earth who can speak to another human the way he does and not be considered a complete jerk, and that’s because people all over the world beg him to do it.

He’s not all bark, though. Ever since the spinoff of Masterchef, Masterchef Junior aired we have come to know a much softer side of the TV personality. It became very clear that he reserved his harsh character traits for adults who, in his opinion, should know better and transformed into a regular teddy bear when interacting with children. It’s this sugar and spice mix making up Gordon Ramsay that has helped transform him into an endearing household name.

Fans of the chief are no stranger to his own children, either. Longtime fans have even seen his children grow up in his own personal kitchen. Gordon Ramsay’s social media is a collage of his professional and personal life: teasers for upcoming and current projects, latest kitchen creations, and posts of his children are all on rotation.

With Gordon Ramsay’s talent for teaching the art of cooking and his family values, there is no denying his kids must be proficient in the kitchen themselves. In fact, Matilda Ramsay has her cooking aspirations and has appeared on her own and with her father on numerous occasions to advance her own career.

How far does the Ramsay family’s talent in the kitchen go? If we are to give credence to Matilda’s claims, we know there is at least one more Master Chef in the family: Mama Ramsay. Although not as well known as her husband, Tana Ramsay has authored a number of cook books and has appeared as a cooking professional on a number of programs.

All we know for sure is that the Ramsay house is the place to be for breakfast, lunch, dinner, holidays, always, and forever no matter who is cooking.

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