Why Legacies' Latest Hope Development Might Not Be Another Fakeout

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest Legacies episode, “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost.” Read at your own risk!

Hope Mikaelson has kept up her heartless persona for weeks and continued being heartless to anyone and everyone who crossed her path. She turned off her humanity, so it’s kind of easy for her to do things like force Lizzie into being her sire and help her fight against Aurora. The tables turned this week, and while that scene at the end of the episode might confuse some, I think Legacies’ latest Hope development might not be another fakeout. 

The final scene in Legacies featured an upset Hope walking alone on the side of the road. She had tears in her eyes and managed to get the sympathy of a stranger who pulled over and got an earful from Hope about all the feelings she had following Lizzie and Aurora’s escape. Just when it seemed the old Hope was back, she bit the man’s neck and will probably take his car once he’s dead. Fans might be disappointed by another fakeout, but let’s review the evidence that might suggest Hope is struggling to keep her humanity in check.

Lizzie Was Able To Break The Sire Bond

When Lizzie became a Heretic, she unintentionally became Hope’s sire. For a couple of episodes now, Lizzie’s been forced to act in servitude of Hope, but when Hope tried to make her kill Aurora, Lizzie managed to disobey. She even took Hope down and managed to escape with Aurora, and neither of those things should’ve happened. Hope is the Tribrid, so she’s stronger than both of them. I don’t think Lizzie escapes if Hope isn’t at least somewhat preoccupied keeping her emotions in check. 

There Was No Reason For Hope To Be Upset Before The Man Arrived

I can see how some people believe Hope’s whole spiel in front of that stranger was an act, but if it was, why was she already clearly upset before he ever pulled over and stepped outside of his car? Okay, I guess I can believe that moment was done because Legacies is a show for an audience and not real life, and it’d be clear Hope wasn’t actually feeling emotions if she was fine prior to the guy pulling over. At the same time, I think it’s just as easy to believe her emotions weren’t an act and that Hope just managed to regain control after a bit of venting. 

Plus, we see Hope back at the Salvatore school in the trailer for the next episode, so I think we have a case that Hope will regain her humanity sooner than later. Check out the promo, where I can’t imagine Hope warns her friends about gods completely because of her own self-serving reasons:

Hope might die again by the end of this season, but I can’t believe Legacies would send her off into the sunset as a villain. I also don’t fully believe they’ll kill off Hope, although with Landon currently stuck in limbo indefinitely, I think it sets up a possibility for them to spend “forever” together. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten Hope and Landon stuff, so perhaps they’re saving that for some grand finale. 

We’ll have to wait and see what Legacies has in store for Hope when it returns to The CW with a new episode on Thursday, March 31 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Check out some of the other returning shows during its short break, especially with shows like The Flash back on The CW. 

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