Legacies Just Revealed The Gods' Role In Season 4, And It's Bad News For Hope

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Legacies episode “Follow The Sound Of My Voice.” Read at your own risk!

Hope and Lizzie spent a bulk of Legacies’ latest episode at a twisted carnival, but while they were sidetracked by a subplot, Aurora was digging for answers on the gods. That journey yielded some answers for her, and the fans finally learned what role the gods have in Season 4. Essentially, Aurora wants to find a way to get the gods to kill Hope, but as Ben alluded at the end of the episode, that’s a terrible idea. 

For those who might’ve forgotten, last week’s Legacies revealed the mysterious Ben is actually someone well known in mythology. He’s the demigod Prometheus, so it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about not just the gods but what happens when angering them. Prometheus (who was actually a Titan in Greek mythology) stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans. Legacies tweaked the story a bit and revealed the “fire” was actually how humans obtained magic. 

In mythology, Zeus bound Prometheus in chains and had an eagle eat his liver for his transgression. Prometheus’ liver would then re-grow overnight, and the whole thing would happen again the next day. It sounds pretty agonizing, but as an upside, Prometheus managed to handle the agonizing pain of having his leg crushed by Aurora pretty well as a result. 

Ben woke up in bed after Aurora tortured him and realized he healed from his injuries. Unfortunately, that seemed to be the result of his own demigod abilities, as Cleo confessed she couldn’t heal him after Aurora messed with her mind. Ben brought everyone up to speed that Aurora intended to use the gods to try and kill Hope, and that she’s right that they’d be capable of killing a Tribrid. He also mentioned that it’s a terrible idea, and if Aurora wakes the gods, the entire world is likely in danger. 

Let’s be honest, Ben might just be a bit biased due to his past experience with the gods. With that said, there’s no real reason to doubt summoning the gods from their slumber is a bad idea, and Hope’s brief encounter with a god the prior episode proved they can handle her rather easily if need be.

The Salvatore school kids already wanted to try and bring Hope back, but there’s some added need now that they know Aurora’s plan. Obviously, this plan to stop Aurora would go smoother if the rest of the school had Lizzie and Hope back on the grounds to help construct a plan, but with Hope’s humanity still off and Lizzie her sire, the odds of that happening right now feel slim. Still, it seemed like Hope’s extended time with Lizzie is having some effect on Hope and could convince her to turn back on her humanity in due time. For her sake, she better because they need to stop Aurora before the gods wake up. 

Legacies airs on The CW on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. It’s just one of a few returning shows as the year goes on, and one that has the potential to do something pretty shocking before the season is done. 

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