Legacies Revealed Another Supernatural Entity, And A Surprising New Ally For Hope

Legacies on The CW
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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Legacies episode called “The Story Of My Life.” Read at your own risk!

Hope’s continued fight against Aurora is chugging along, although the situation definitely got more complicated in the latest Legacies episode. In short, we now have another supernatural entity added to the mix, and Hope realized after tussling with one of them that she needs an ally if she wants to achieve her goals. If Hope is going to take down Aurora and risk scuffles with demi-gods and gods, she needs Lizzie’s help. Lizzie didn’t want to help, but as we learned in the latest episode, she didn’t have a choice. 

Lizzie’s transition to Heretic (witch and vampire hybrid) gave her more strength to take on Hope’s Tribrid abilities, but it came at a terrible price. Because the blood Lizzie ingested was that of Hope, she’s now sired to Hope and cannot disobey any order that Hope should give. As such, Lizzie doesn’t really have a choice but to tag along when Hope asked her to join, though it’s worth noting that Hope didn’t need to force Lizzie to come along despite her objections of risking her newfound immortality on a “suicide mission.” 

We didn’t learn the identity of the slacker student who Hope suspected was a god after the girl blasted the Tribrid aside like she was nothing and flew away. Legacies did, however, reveal that Ben, the person who the teens back at the Salvatore School helped, was actually the god Prometheus. Prometheus is known in mythology for giving humans fire and being punished for it by the gods in a rather gruesome way. Thankfully Ben confirmed some of that is a myth, though didn't go deep into specifics. 

In this telling, it appeared Legacies credited Prometheus with awarding humans the ability of magic. Ben was grateful the Salvatore kids helped him out and seemed to forge a close bond with Jed. It seemed like something a little deeper than a bromance could form on that front, but it’s too soon to tell. 

Legacies adding gods to the mix is an exciting development, though it’s not known exactly how big of a role they’ll play in the story at this point. For example, next week’s episode, called “Follow The Sound Of My Voice”, takes the typical show detour, and it seems the heroes will wind up at some random carnival that is anything but normal. Check out the synopsis for the episode, which doesn’t mention gods once. 

Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) find themselves at a carnival with an unusual cast of characters. Back at the Salvatore School, students are speaking their minds without knowing why, which makes Jed (Ben Levin) reveal a secret, and Cleo (Omono Okojie) works on protecting one of their own. Meanwhile, Kaleb (Chris Lee) and MG (Quincy Fouse) set out on a mission, which does not go as planned.

At least based on the episode description, we can safely say that Lizzie is actually forced to stay by Hope’s side, because I doubt the Legacies character would stick around if she didn’t have to. Who knows, though? Perhaps Hope can benefit from teaming up with someone who is always willing to embrace her humanity. Lizzie could just convince Hope to return to her normal self, but that’s going to take time. 

Legacies airs on The CW on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. It’s just one of the few returning shows worth checking out this year, and hopefully, one that is better than when it went into break.

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