Why Sam Asghari’s Sweet Pics And Message For Britney Spears On Her 40th Birthday Had Fans Speculating

A lot of style and pop culture icons have hit the big 4-0 fairly recently. This week's a momentous occasion for another celebrity: Britney Spears. The singer and performer has spent much of the last year fighting against her conservatorship and earning privileges like driving again. She’s moved forward in her personal life too, getting engaged to beau Sam Asghari as well. This week, Britney is also celebrating her 40th and Asghari came through with a sweet message for his partner, but it's one that also had the fanbase doing some speculating. 

Sam Asghari has been super supportive of Britney. He publicly defends her when needed, but most of all, he shows her kindness. Given the things Spears herself has said about her family and how they allegedly treated her over the last year, getting this sort of attention from her partner doubtless feels good. Particularly on a big day such as the day one turns 40.

In the message, Sam Asghari calls the “Hold it Against Me” singer his “lioness” and “queen.” I’m personally still reeling over the fact that Ms. Spears is 40 years of age as of December 2. For some reason when Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian hit those milestones it felt way more timely.  Britney Spears, on the other hand, has always felt perpetually youthful. It might be because she celebrates with cartwheels and dance videos, but I also think the fact she’s been famous since she was a kid and an A-lister since  “...Baby One More Time” came out when she was 16  has meant she's been famous forever but always really young seeming. Forty’s just a number, but it’s still a little hard to compute where the time went.

As part of the big celebration, the two jet-setted to see some fireworks. In addition, he had planned a beautiful flower-covered cake in the shape of a B. You can even spot some macarons incorporated into the design, so you know it’s fancy. But that's still wasn't the most interesting part of Sam Asghari's birthday tribute to his leading lady.   

Britney Spears' Instagram Stories Cake From Sam Asghari

(Image credit: Instagram, Sam Asghari)

Wait, Are Sam Asghari And Britney Spears Already Married? 

If you read Asghari’s Instagram message in full, you may notice some weird wording. Britney Spears’ partner calls her his “wife” and says “Happy 1st birthday” in a way that seems like he’s wishing his wife a happy first birthday since their nuptials. In recent months, Sam Asghari has been noted to be engaged to Spears, but the couple never confirmed they were married. 

Obviously, this has gotten some traction with lots of fans in the comments noting the “wife” bit and asking questions about it. This seemingly prompted Spears’ partner to clarify that he’s always sort of felt that way about Spears. Specifically, he wrote: 

I have been calling her wife since Day 1.

So, despite the speculation, it looks like there’s still some planning that needs to go down before the two combine their assets and say the "I Do's" needed to become a married couple. Specifically, he’s even noted there will need to be a prenup involved,  previously even joking it was to protect him and not the millions the singer has made over the years in the industry. He wrote in September:

Thank you to everyone who is concerned about the prenup! Of course, we’re getting iron clad prenup to protect my Jeep and shoe collection in case she dumps me one day.

So, the two seem to be getting along great and are really into one another, but I don’t think the wedding bells have actually be rung yet. Of course, we’ll keep you posted whenever they do.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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