Rebel Wilson Talks Turning 40, Feeling Great, And Keeping Off The Weight

Rebel Wilson

2020 was a rough year for many people, but it wasn’t all bad for some. Rebel Wilson, endearingly known as “Fat Amy” in the Pitch Perfect trilogy, had a hell of a year. The Isn’t It Romantic actress turned 40 last year and used the craziness of 2020 to have a year of health for herself. Now, a year of building conscious healthy habits has Wilson feeling great, achieving her goal weight and maintaining the weight loss.

Rebel Wilson recently went through a breakup with Jacob Busch, which -- in addition to recently meeting the age milestone of 40 -- typically would be enough to bring someone down. Wilson, however, seems to be radiant with positivity. Wilson recently told Extra that she feels like she’s in a good place and will be keeping busy with future projects. In the actress’ own words:

Any kind of breakup is hard and not ideal… I feel like, I don’t know if it’s turning 40 or coming into your own… I feel in a really good place. I am so busy with work, doing Pooch Perfect now, and I have three movies to shoot after this.

Pooch Perfect is Rebel Wilson’s new dog grooming series that's set to air on ABC, and the title is, of course, playing on the Pitch Perfect trilogy, which Wilson first began starring in back in 2012. And based on Wilson's comments, we should have a lot to look forward to from the Australian actress, as she currently has three new films lined up.

Rebel Wilson has been relatively candid about her struggles with her weight. On the surface, you wouldn’t think her weight would have affected her happiness much in, as the actress exudes confidence both on screen and off. In the same interview, Wilson spoke on her weight struggles and how each time she lost weight in the past she would put it back on. She says that it's only now, when she has worked on herself in all areas including her mental health, that the weight has seemed to stay off. In Wilson’s own words:

I would often go on little diets and things and try to lose a few pounds here and there… This is the first time I haven’t gained any weight back… “I think because I approached it from all areas… the biggest thing that I haven’t ever worked on was the emotional side, what I suffered from, I guess, as classical emotional eating… so I really worked on that side.

Rebel Wilson’s year of health was much more than just working out and eating well -- she really dove into how a person can be healthy in all aspects of their life. Mental health is one area some people may overlook when they're trying to lose weight and, actually, their mental health may even suffer as a result of them putting pressure on themselves to shed pounds.

It’s amazing to see Rebel Wilson in a great place, and it’s refreshing to see someone use this past turbulent year to improve themselves in a way that makes them happy. Wilson sure does make a girl feel like 2020 was a wasted whole year of possibilities, seeing as I used 2020 to compare all 54 of the Ben and Jerry's flavors. Oh well, 2021 is still young and full of potential to do better.

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