Why The Real Housewives Of New York Reboot And Spinoff Are Really Happening, According To Eboni. K Williams

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Recently, Andy Cohen announced the franchise-first decision to split the iconic Real Housewives of New York series into two separate shows, which will include a reboot with a new Bravo cast for Season 14, as well as an “all-star” spinoff heading to a streaming platform. There has only been speculation up until this point regarding the changes possibly being due to the difficult dynamic witnessed between co-stars last year. Not only did the women not see eye-to-eye on some racial and cultural matters, but the situation seemingly had a hand in the cancellation of the reunion special. Now, alum Eboni K. Williams is getting candid with her take on the behind-the-scenes factors that played into why the split is really happening.

Eboni K. Williams was, in fact, the first Black castmate to join the Real Housewives of New York in its 14-year history. She took the opportunity to speak directly about her experiences in that regard in Season 13, which some castmates interpreted as being too “preachy.” Later on, the reality star hinted that those conversations could put her at risk on the show – and judging by her latest comments on the reboot/spinoff news, it sounds like that might just be the case. Williams said to Carlos King on the Reality with the King podcast:

I feel I was more than willing the whole season — after we aired and after we wrapped and after the decision to not have a reunion — I was always willing to negotiate with my former castmates about what an ensemble future could look like that included all of us, always, right up until the very end. They were unwilling is all I can tell you. They were unwilling to come to the table and meet me even halfway in that negotiation. And if you know anything about business, if you know anything about the art of the deal, you can't close that way. You can't close when parties involved in the negotiation are unwilling to give, even an inch. So I think that, more than anything, is actually the reason, Carlos, that we are now getting these two shows.

The lawyer-turned-TV-personality shared that she had been negotiating for “additional women” to join the cast who were “outside of their particular New York world and bubble.” Presumably, this would have included more diversity-driven choices beyond herself for the previously all-white Real Housewives of New York. But as Eboni K. Williams sees it, she was “blackballed” by the likes of Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps, and even Leah McSweeney, who were all supposedly unwilling to alter the status quo. Williams stated that only Sonja Morgan wanted to consider her in the future of the RHNY.

Given the apparent circumstances, it isn’t looking too likely that Eboni K. Williams will join the alumni spinoff. And it has yet to be officially confirmed if she will perhaps participate in the reboot. Andy Cohen did say in the initial announcement, though, that Bravo is open to Williams and her true circle of friends being potentially involved in the reportedly more diverse and inclusive reboot.

The 38-year-old took part in CBS’ charity challenge on Beyond the Edge with other famous faces, so clearly, she’s not done with reality TV just yet. But it remains to be seenwhether that means putting the supposed turmoil of the past behind her and linking up with Bravo again. Stay tuned for updates as it all unfolds. To revisit some of the seasons past, Real Housewives fans can do so with Peacock Premium.

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