Would The Voice’s Niall Horan Have Turned His Chair For His Own X Factor Audition? The One Direction Alum Has A Brutal Take

Niall Horan on The Voice.
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Season 23 of The Voice is in the midst of airing the Blind Auditions, and newbie coaches Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan have already been brutal when it comes to filling up their teams. With a lot of experience and as a singing competition veteran, Horan knows a thing or two about what the contestants are going through. However, the One Direction alum has a brutal take about whether or not he’d turn his chair for himself.

Niall Horan was a guest on the popular web series Hot Ones and got to discussing his time as a coach on The Voice as opposed to going through the audition process on The X Factor. Surprisingly, if Horan had any say, he would not have turned for his 16-year-old self:

I wouldn’t have turned. Not for that guy. I was right place, right time. No, I don’t think I would have turned for myself, put it that way. I’d turn for me now! I’ve learned a lot. I’ve been around the block a couple of times, which is a lot can be said for someone who’s 29. But yeah, I’d turn now, I wouldn’t have turned then. That’s the truth.

While the former One Direction member wouldn’t turn for himself pre-1D, he would turn now, which isn’t so bad. There are always contestants who come out for the Blind Auditions that don’t get a single chair turn but are told to come back once they’ve improved a little more and taken their notes. I'd say that Horan would definitely be one to come back at full force to make it through! We'll never know, though, since it all worked out for him on The X Factor.

Since Niall Horan knows what it is like to be on a singing competition, he also knows what rejection is like and how hopeful contestants are while auditioning. He previously said that having power is the one aspect on The Voice that is terrible since futures are in his hands. 

Luckily, not everything about being on The Voice is terrible. Horan’s developed a bond with Blake Shelton during the country star’s final season, and its seems like a bond that will last a lifetime. Plus, since Shelton has 23 seasons of the NBC singing series under his belt and many wins, perhaps his example will teach Horan a thing or two about success on The Voice!

With Blind Auditions still ongoing, Horan still has some spots left open on his team. Maybe he will end up turning for someone that reminds him of a young him? The future is bright for the contestants on The Voice, and hopefully, they have more luck than a 16-year-old Horan would have on this show.

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