Yellowstone's Kevin Costner Has Bad News For Fans Hoping John And Jamie Mend Their Relationship In Season 5

John Dutton in cowboy hat in diner on Yellowstone
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Details about Yellowstone’s upcoming supersized Season 5 premiere are still relatively scarce, but we do know Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton will be in good spirits early on, thanks to her iron thumbs once again pressing against the carotid arteries of brother Jamie. Beyond all of their personal baggage, Beth and John now have Garrett’s murder to hold against the politically motivated lawyer going forward, which obviously fits squarely into Beth’s vengeful playbook. Their sibling relationship can likely never be repaired, despite what Wes Bentley himself may hope, but is it at least possible-by-miracle that Jamie could win his way back on John’s good side for at least a couple of minutes? Kevin Costner makes it seem…not so likely. 

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Costner was asked if he could ever see Jamie getting back in John’s good graces, and the Yellowstone star had a subtle whopper of a response:

Probably the show would end. [Laughs.] My dysfunctional family really disturbs me.

While Kevin Costner’s take obviously isn’t gospel straight from co-creator Taylor Sheridan’s brain, he’s probably not too far off with such an assessment, as dark as it comes across. This is a show about the darkest hollows in family trees, and while Jamie’s relationship with Kayce may still be intact, the rifts he’s helped create with John and Beth are the kind that not even concrete and duct tape could help. So if this narrative reached a point where Jamie legitimately buried the hatchet with his adopted father and sister, instead of them burying him with said hatchet, then that would be a sign the story has run its dramatic course. 

I like to think there’s a universe where the fictional Jamie Dutton somehow gets wind of the fact that his Yellowstone existence would cease to be if he started getting along with John again. That would probably be a bigger mindfuck than anything Beth could do to him. Also, if the horse trader Travis Wheatley then came around and revealed he actually helped bring the entire family to life. Wait, did we just figure out how Yellowstone’s finale will play out?

Probably not. Or definitely not. As soul-crushing as that would be, it sounds just a little too peaceful for this hard-living and hard-loving universe.

Taylor Sheridan offered up a tease for Season 5 that plays into the idea that the bodies will be piling up as the ratings-grabbing western heads towards its eventual end, and that it won’t just be non-Duttons taking the fall. In his words:

If you look at everyone as a chess piece in Season 5, it is impossible to play the game without taking chess pieces off the board.

And he didn’t even just say “piece,” which would almost definitely mean Jamie if he had. But no, he says “pieces,” so that probably means Jamie’s going to end up taking somebody with him when he goes, the jerk. I mean, I guess Sheridan could be talking about Kayce or Monica or Rip or Beth, but come onnnn. Jamie’s gonna die! And apparently while still on John’s naughty list. 

Yellowstone will return to Paramount Network for Season 5’s debut on Sunday, November 13, at 8:00 p.m. ET, followed by Taylor Sheridan’s newest drama Tulsa King — starring Sylvester Stallone as a former crime boss — which will thereafter be exclusively available with a Paramount+ subscription.

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