Apparently Disney Springs Had A Drunken, Topless Brawl Between Two Sisters And The Details Are Wild

World of DIsney Store at Disney Springs
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Fights at theme parks are, unfortunately, not as uncommon as we’d all like. Anytime you cram that many people together you’re going to get some things that don’t mix well. Add the heightened tension that comes with spending a lot of money, and yes, alcohol, and you have a recipe for disaster. We’ve seen video of people brawling at Disneyland, and Universal parks are not immune from the same, but nothing before compares to the story of a pair of arrests late last year at Disney World.

The arrest report, obtained recently  by WDWNT ,tells the story of a pair of sisters, 29 and 31, who went to dinner at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World and ended up intoxicated and with a dead phone. Security helped them call an Uber, but the Uber apparently refused to take them because they were too drunk.

A Disney security manager apparently watched everything unfold from there. One sister called the other a “bad mom” and got slapped in the face for the comment. The pair then began screaming at each other. At some point, it’s not clear exactly when, one of the sisters threw up, but the screaming continued and eventually led to the two slapping and hitting each other and pulling hair.

The security manager then separated the two, but they ran at each other, and slipped in the puddle of vomit. This led one of the sisters to remove her dress, but the fight continued with the two throwing punches at each other. The security manager and another employee then separated the women until police arrived. 

The police found the mostly naked sister near the Cirque du Soleil building, and were able to provide her with some clothing . According to the report, the fight was caused by one sister wanting to discuss the other’s boyfriend, who she did not like.

The case, which covered a variety of misdemeanors, went before a judge last year. Each sister did not want to press charges against the other, and prosecutors decided not to pursue the case, so all criminal charges have been dropped. 

While the pair was able to avoid criminal charges, it’s unclear if Disney decided to make a determination regarding what to do with them. If something like this had happened in the parks, they certainly would have been banned from Disney property.  Disney Springs is open to the general public, so it’s a bit different, but it’s still part of Disney World and the company could bar the two if they choose to do so. Disney is more than willing to ban guests, even when it doesn’t result in criminal charges. And this wouldn’t be the first time alcohol was a major culprit

At the same time, based on this story it sounds like the two suffered enough. This was clearly a rough night for both women and it is perhaps best that they just be able to move on. But maybe they should consider not vacationing together for a while. 

Dirk Libbey
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