Simu Liu Picked Up A Fan's Lightsaber At Disneyland And Now I Need To See Him In A Star Wars Movie

Simu Liu has already wowed fans as a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I think he just aced his audition to enter the Star Wars universe as well. The Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings actor recently paid a visit to Disneyland, and while there he borrowed somebody’s lightsaber and showed off that he’s got the skills to be part of the galaxy far, far away.

The video comes via Roger Stark on TikTok who was walking into Disneyland the other night when Simu Liu complemented the custom lightsaber he was carrying. Liu then asked to borrow it, and Stark caught the action. Check it out.


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As he hands back the lightsaber he asks if he “got the part” and I for one have to say yes. He never gets too wild swinging the lightsaber around, but it’s not his lightsaber and he’s trying to be careful. But what works best on this is the smile on Liu’s face. He’s clearly having a blast standing on Main Street U.S.A. spinning this lightsaber.

Simu Liu has real martial arts skills and the idea of combing that with Star Wars lightsabers is just too exciting to pass up. These could be some of the most incredible action sequences we've seen in the franchise so far. If there isn't a role for him in a future Star Wars project somebody needs to get to writing one.

It already has to be pretty awesome to turn around and happen to see Simu Liu while you’re walking through Disneyland, to then get a chance to hang out and talk with him is on another level. Celebrities are visiting Disneyland Resort almost every day, seeing somebody famous isn’t that unusual, but they usually have their own VIP guides and aren’t exactly looking to hang out with other guests. and take pictures. Simu Liu did.

Simu Liu with fan Roger Stark at Disneyland

(Image credit: Robert Stark)

Technically speaking, Simu Liu has been part of Star Wars already. He voiced the character of Lah Zhima in the anime-inspired Star Wars: Visions series on Disney+. But after seeing this I need to see Liu cast in a live-action Star Wars film as either a Jedi or a Sith. He looks too good with a lightsaber to not do something with this.

And the opportunity to put Simu Liu in a Star Wars movie or series certainly exists. While the Star Wars franchise has had difficulty finding its footing on the big screen since the end of the sequel trilogy, there are new movies planned. And while there’s no guarantee that they will include Jedi, some of the most successful Star Wars content on Disney+ isn’t focused on that at all, one has to assume that we’ll be seeing people wielding lightsabers now and then. Hopefully, the casting directors at Lucasfilm are paying attention.

Dirk Libbey
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