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Ben Affleck And Ana De Armas' Latest Deep Water Trailer Has Serious Gone Girl Vibes

One of Ben Affleck’s best movies, without question, still has to be David Fincher’s Gone Girl. A tale of deception, the media, and of course romance, it was a movie that harkened back to the era of the twisted erotic thriller. So when the trailers for director Adrian Lyne’s Deep Water began to release, the long awaited movie starring Affleck and ex-girlfriend Ana de Armas started to give off those same vibes. 

Our latest look at the movie only confirms that feeling, and it looks absolutely intriguing. Adapted from the novel of the same name by author Patricia Highsmith, Deep Water couldn’t have landed a better director for the task. As Adrian Lyne directed Fatal Attraction, 9 1/2 Weeks, and Unfaithful, steamy thrillers about complicated relationships are a stock in trade. In the case of the latest Hulu (opens in new tab) original from 20th Century Studios, we’re focusing on Vic and Melinda Van Allen (Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas), a married pair who seem to indulge in a taste for voyeurism. 

It’s all fun and games, until one of Melinda’s admirers is found dead. Presumably, it’s an act of self-defense; but naturally Deep Water won’t let us simply settle on that possibility. Like Ana de Armas’ character says herself, the Van Allen's whole relationship has been a game; and it looks like the fun part just ended. 

The deadlier side of de Armas has been showing itself quite a bit lately, thanks to some huge projects. Acting as a highlight for many in No Time To Die, Ana de Armas’ Paloma gave the movie one of its best action sequences, which almost didn’t happen at all. Not to mention, her weapons training for Netflix’s The Gray Man has her prepared for whatever madness that secretive adventure will throw at her. 

Weapons of a different kind are in play with Deep Water, and Ana de Armas looks just as deadly toying with Ben Affleck as she did gunning down SPECTRE henchmen in No Time To Die. It’s all enough to have movie fans definitely comparing Melinda Van Allen to Rosamund Pike’s legendary villain “Amazing Amy” Dunne, and in all the right ways.

Even more exciting is the possibility of another performance where Affleck is playing a man trying to keep his head above the tides that threaten to drown him.  Seeing how that worked out the last time, it looks like this swim will be absolutely worth it. Score another win for fans of Gone Girl looking for a new twisted thriller to enjoy.

Deep Water premieres March 18th, exclusively on Hulu. For the rest of 2022’s schedule of upcoming movies, that information can be found elsewhere. Among the highlights of that schedule, you’ll be able to see Ana de Armas in both Blonde and The Gray Man when they debut on Netflix at some point this year. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck will also be seen in one of 2022’s upcoming DC movies The Flash, which opens on November 4th. 

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