It's No Scary Movie, But Marlon Wayans' New Netflix Horror Comedy Still Looks Like A Spooky Blast In First Trailer

Horror fans like myself are settling into the best time of the year, for not only do we know that tons of freaky and frightening movies are on the way to the Halloween season, but we can also expect first looks at lots of new genre projects. Case in point: Scary Movie franchise co-mastermind Marlon Wayans is returning to the world of horror-comedies for more family-friendly adventure for Netflix's upcoming feature The Curse of Bridge Hollow, which co-stars Stranger Things fan-favorite Priah Ferguson.

As seen in the trailer above, Marlon Wayans may be in dad mode for this project, but he's still just as animated and chaotic as ever, which is definitely the right kind of energy for this over-the-top tale. If you’re not screaming at window-shattering levels upon being whipped around by a gigantic spider, you’re living life far differently than I am, friend.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow centers on a family that moves from the unique comforts of Brooklyn to the small and creepily quaint town of Bridge Hollow, where a local legend ends up being far more mischievous and dangerous than anyone expected. Even if the adults don’t believe it at first, the dreaded Stingy Jack has the power to bring all Halloween decorations to life, which wouldn’t be cool in a town of any size. And it looks like there will be a wild assortment of scares on display, from killer clowns to zombies to more animalistic creatures. It’s almost more frightening that these are all crafted decorations instead of, like, actual zombies and killer clowns, which makes the aesthetic feel all the more sinister.

The film was initially crafted by Todd Berger, of Happytime Murders and It’s a Disaster fame, and former Family Guy writer John R. Morey, with Berger sharing screenplay duties with Robert Rugan. So there’s bound to be a lot of irreverent and weirdo humor sprinkled throughout the more broad moments. We’ll have to wait and see if the creative team managed to sneak any spoofed-up Ghostface masks into the film, or if any other Scary Movie or A Haunted House references pop up along the way.

The film is directed by Jeff Wadlow, who helmed such genre fare as Cry Wolf, Truth or Dare and Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark? reboot (which he also executive produced). Wadlow had welcome words for anyone hoping to see Priah Ferguson shine once more after kicking ass as Erica in Stranger Things, sharing this with Netflix’s Tudum

I think she got more screen time in our movie than every season of Stranger Things, combined. So, if you’re a Priah fan, you’re going to love our movie.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow will be available to stream with a Netflix subscription on Friday, October 14.

Nick Venable
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