Pixar’s New Elemental Trailer Showcases The Studio’s Classic Humor And A Budding Romance

Disney has become an absolute theatrical powerhouse and the one studio alone has numerous projects on the way that are all but destined to become box office hits. Among this year’s upcoming Disney movie heavy hitters is Elemental, Disney/Pixar’s latest original film that pairs two characters from different sides of nature in an irresistible duo. Opening the door to a whole new world of animated excitement, the new Elemental trailer gives us a closer look at this world made up of air, earth, fire, and water, along with that classic Pixar humor, as well as something we don't see as much from Pixar, a bit of romance.

Released by Disney/Pixar, director Peter Sohn’s latest movie has Ember (Leah Lewis) a woman of fire, who has been taught from an early age that the elements don't mix, and Wade (Mamoudou Athie) who is a bit more...fluid with the rules.  Check out the trailer above. 

While we've certainly seen romantic relationships as a key part of animated movies, rarely has it been the primary focus of the plot. Elemental doesn't just have two characters who are building a relationship, but that's what the movie is about. We see the two spending time together, having fun, and being introduced to each other's families. It's all very sweet. 

But it's also just as funny as we would expect from Pixar. Lots o great visual gags, like a fire baby being given lighter fluid like it's a bottle of milk, and great one-liners, like the earth people being "seedy." And just what exactly is "pruning" in this context and why is it making me feel dirty for having seen it?

Pixar has been bouncing back and forth between sequels and original concepts in recent years. We recently saw the Toy Story-adjacent Lightyear, and we know that Toy Story 5 is on the way down the road. But if you're ever going to build new franchises that spawn numerous sequels, you have to start somewhere, and perhaps the world of Elemental is that place.

This new look expands what we know about Elemental, showing off new footage of Ember and Wade developing their whimsical friendship set in Element City. With all of the natural elements living in harmony in this singular setting, anything could happen between these normally opposing forces. Though, as we saw in Elemental’s first trailer, the attraction between the two could lead to something more. 

Disney/Pixar’s Elemental premieres, only in theaters, on June 16th. If you want to enjoy the rest of the studio’s iconic library through the power of streaming, it’s all in one place! Taking advantage of a Disney+ subscription, you can relive the magic of Toy Story and Wall-E, as well as more recent titles, like Soul and Lightyear. And when it comes time for Elemental to debut on streaming, this will most likely be the service that will have the honors. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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