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Watch Toilets Explode And Johnny Knoxville Get Rammed By A Bull In Final Jackass Forever Trailer

Ages of greatness tend to wax and wane, teaching humanity that all things have their season. In its own special way, the antics of Johnny Knoxville and his raucous buddies is one of those occasions, as we’re finally getting new shenanigans in the name of bodily harm and amusement. Now you can watch toilets explode, and Mr. Knoxville get rammed by a bull, in the final trailer for MTV’s Jackass Forever.

One last glimpse at the madness that audiences have been waiting for has been granted, thanks to Paramount Pictures. Originally set for release throughout various points of 2021, the fourth Jackass spectacular seemed to be set for last October, before moving to its current February release date. The wait looks to have been worth it, as everything from Johnny’s encounter with a feisty bull to destructive portable bathrooms is right in line with what we’d expect from the crew. And that’s only the beginning of what we’re shown in this latest look.

On top of the wonderful surprises Jackass Forever has already ripped the curtain off of, there’s more to explore with a mixture of old favorites and young newbies all putting it out on the line. High velocity volleyballs, MMA heavyweight nut shots, and the return of Johnny Knoxville’s Bad Grandpa persona all pepper this new reel with just the sort of juvenile fun that’s made this MTV property a household name. At this point, if you aren’t already on board with the sort of stunts these guys pull, then it’s safe to say that ship has sailed…and probably crashed into a sand dune at unsafe speeds.

Even previously flaunted antics from this Jackass follow-up get some more context in this last tease of destructive behavior. The merry go round stunt that was shown off in the previous trailer already looked pretty risky, with massive explosions going off in close proximity. However, the source of that fire and fury looks to have been revealed as being a fighter jet, which probably means that ordinance is extremely live and definitely deadly. No wonder Eric André was so nervous when being on the set. 

Most people hope to get older and wiser as they move through life. Clearly, both generations involved in Jackass Forever consider themselves lucky to fulfill half of that equation, and that makes all the difference. Though one could say there’s wisdom in the planning and execution of stunts that increase in dangerous stakes, and being able to live to tell the tale. Like the song says, if you’re gonna be dumb, you’ve gotta be tough; and toughness definitely runs strong in this lot.

Jackass Forever crashes into theaters February 4th, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly. And if you’re looking forward to the cinematic year ahead, take a look at the full 2022 release schedule. It may not be full of nut shots and punchy coffee trucks, but there’s plenty of excitement to be had by all!

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