Jackass Forever Trailer Reflects On The Past Before Beating Up Johnny Knoxville And Co With Insane Stunts

By the time Jackass Forever is released, it’ll have been just a little over 11 years since the last proper Jackass film was sent out to theaters. Naturally a lot has changed since then, and the trailer for the fourth film reflects wistfully on the past exploits of Johnny Knoxville and company. Don’t expect that wistful nostalgia to go on for too long, as Jackass Forever is here to do one thing above all else: beat up Knoxville, as well as friends old and new, with a bunch of insane stunts.

Anything and everything you can think of is in the first trailer for the aptly titled Jackass Forever. Bee stings, snake bites, bear baiting, air bags disguised as furniture, and even Johnny Knoxville being shot out of a canon. Plus, in addition to Knoxville’s old pals like Steve O, there’s some new blood introduced into the Jackass family. And what modern prank movie without an appearance by boundary pushing prankster Eric Andre? That’s right, it wouldn’t be, and he’s here to prove that in spectacular fashion.

As the march of time has seen Jackass Forever showing Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and the rest of the classic Jackass gang show their age physically, mentally it’s as if they haven’t changed a bit. Which means that this third sequel in the proper Jackass saga is just as infectiously gleeful as all that came before it. It truly is hard not to laugh along with the gang, even as Jackass Forever puts them into even more situations of insane danger.

Even though the movie isn’t out until October, that hasn’t stopped some of the new crew from Jackass Forever from earning their stripes to promote the movie. Recently, Sean ‘Poopies’ McInerney was subjected to a stunt during Discovery’s Shark Week that was so brutal, even Steve-O couldn’t stand to see the aftermath. Fellow newcomers like Jasper, Rachel Wolfson, Zach Holmes, and Eric Manaka will surely get their turn to get in on the fun, as we see such moments reflected in the first trailer for Jackass Forever.

Some might question the longevity of a franchise such as this, especially with Jackass Forever taking as long as it did to exist. But so long as that initial spirit of friendly shenanigans and expertly executed terror stunts still remains, it doesn’t matter if the old guard makes way for the new. So long as they’re Jackass members in deed and in heart, then the series truly will live forever. And should this actually be Johnny Knoxville’s swan song to the franchise, you can see he’s planning on going out in style, thanks to stunts like this one captured on one of the film’s teaser posters:

Johnny Knoxville knocked for a loop by a bull in Jackass Forever.

Jackass Forever reigns in the name of ill-advised stunt based comedy on October 22nd, and it’ll be the strongest test of such a claim. Though you can check out what else is headed to a theater near you through the 2021 release schedule. Thankfully, you won’t need stunt padding or shark repellent to do so, but you may want to gather some friends and plan a night out for the fun of it.

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