Marvel Reportedly Cut A Major WWE Star From Eternals

Becky Lynch faces the crowd at WWE's SummerSlam 2022 on Peacock
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Not too long ago, it was alleged that Damian Priest was asked to audition for Namor or a different member of Talokan for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Now, it appears as though another major WWE superstar nearly joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe via 2021's Eternals. A new report claims that Becky Lynch was nearly tapped for a Marvel role but that things fell through before she could make her debut. 

The report of “The Man” being involved in the Marvel flick comes by way of Fightful Select (via The Direct). Becky Lynch's alleged role in Eternals wasn't identified in the report, though the character was allegedly going to be utilize in an interesting way. It’s alleged that Lynch’s character was not going to play a massive role but was going to make her debut in a post-credits scene that set up a future installment. The scene was ultimately cut, and that seems to be why Lynch is currently lining up upcoming WWE events rather than upcoming Marvel movies

The post-credits scene, which allegedly would've still featured Harry Styles’ Eros, was reportedly cut from the movie for being “too depressing.” It’s also noted that Marvel Studios enjoyed the wrestler's performance and that it's not entirely impossible for her character to appear in a future MCU movie. Of course, should this all be true, one can't help but wonder who exactly she was going to play. 

"Big Time Becks" doesn’t have a ton of acting credits in Hollywood, but she has had guest spots on shows like Young Rock and Billions. Given her limited acting experience, she surely wouldn't have gotten a massive role that involves a lot of screen time and dialogue. Then again, fans did just hear that rumor about Damian Priest and the Namor role just recently, so who's to say how substantial her role would've been?

It’s also not too surprising to believe that Becky Lynch would’ve been offered a role in the MCU, considering many notable WWE legends like Dwayne Johnson, Dave Bautista, and John Cena have all played in the superhero genre. While Lynch hasn’t landed as many roles as those mentioned above, there are other popular WWE superstars who've gotten notable supporting roles in notable productions. Sasha Banks’ role in The Mandalorian Season 2 is one notable example, and wrestlers have also popped up on shows that have since ended like Arrow

As of this writing, neither Marvel Studios nor Becky Lynch have commented on this story. It's also unknown whether she’d be available to film anything for Marvel anytime soon. Lynch recently returned from an injury she sustained at SummerSlam and has already launched herself into a big storyline. As one of the top faces of the WWE and with rivals like Charlotte Flair teasing their return, I’d wager that her plate will be filled with wrestling obligations in the upcoming months. 

That’s not to say that it would be impossible for her to work with Marvel during that time, but I wouldn’t count on anything to happen right away. And of course, we’re not even 100% sure the rumor regarding her alleged involvement in Eternals is true. So it's probably best that we not get ahead of ourselves and wait and see if anything actually materializes.

While Becky Lynch has yet to join the MCU (as far as we know), fans can see some of her best work in the WWE using a Peacock Premium subscription. And those who want to check out Eternals, complete with its post-credits scene, can grab a Disney+ subscription to do so.

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