The Top Ten Two-Man Tag Teams In AEW, Ranked

The Young Bucks in AEW
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Singles matches are really exciting. But, do you want to know what’s even more exciting? Tag-team wrestling, and pound for pound, the AEW tag teams are the best in the business. I already talked about how AEW brought me back from being a lapsed wrestling fan into a weekly watcher, but now, I want to give you a specific example of WHY AEW got me back into wrestling, as their tag-team division legit gives me chills every single week. 

Now, I think it’s important that I specify that these ten tag teams are TWO-MAN teams only, as there are a lot of wrestling stables in AEW, with members flitting in and out all the time. That’s the reason why you won’t find Santana & Ortiz on this list, since they’re now usually hanging out with Eddie “ON SIGHT!” Kingston. So, if one of your favorite tag teams isn’t on this list, it’s likely because I consider them more a three-or-more unit rather than a two-man tag team (See: The Blackpool Combat Club with their newest recruit, Wheeler Yuta). So, with that said, here are the top ten tag teams currently in AEW.    

The Butcher and the Blade in AEW

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10. The Butcher And The Blade 

Managed by The Bunny, The Butcher and the Blade debuted in a big way back in 2019, when they attacked Cody Rhodes (who recently left AEW). They’re not really great talkers on the microphone, but they make for an intimidating team, what with The Butcher’s massive size, and the Blade’s slimmer frame.  

But, they make it on this list because of their interesting dynamics in the ring. The Blade can really move, and the Butcher can really wallop. Plus, they’re the kind of wrestlers who can do singles competition, but they don’t feel whole until they’re actually together, which is always the mark of a great tag team.  

Matt and Jeff Hardy in AEW

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9. Matt And Jeff Hardy 

When Jeff Hardy turned down the WWE’s Hall of Fame invite, it was only a matter of time before he made his AEW debut, and lo and behold, he became All Elite in March. The Hardy Boyz were a tag team back when wrestling used to be more exciting.    

Nowadays, they’ve definitely calmed down their wild ways, but Jeff Hardy is still doing Swanton Bombs like he’s in his 20s rather than his 40s. Matt, who is also much slower these days, still compliments his brother quite well, but it’s sometimes hard to watch them, because you know Jeff is going to be feeling those bumps in the morning. 

Private Party in AEW

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8. Private Party  

Isaiah Kassidy and Marq Quen, better known as Private Party, are just super fun to watch. They lost their very first match in AEW to Best Friends, and SoCal Uncensored. But, here’s the thing: neither Best Friends nor SoCal Uncensored are on this list, but Private Party is, which just goes to show the mark they’ve made in the promotion.

Private Party is all about flash, but their wrestling is also full of substance as well. They’re high flyers who always put on a show, but they’re not above making other wrestlers look good. They’re also really funny on Twitter, as they’re always poking fun at the older wrestlers, even legends like Sting, who once retired, but is now All Elite in AEW. Their only issue is not even their fault–they haven’t really gotten a major push yet.  

Kings of the Black Throne in AEW

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7. Kings Of The Black Throne 

Okay, so, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t familiar with Malakai Black back when he was in the WWE as Aleister Black. But, now that he’s in AEW, I think he’s awesome, and his dark mystique is only heightened by Brody King with their tag team, Kings of the Black Throne.

There are other dark acts in AEW, such as “The Bastard” Pac, and Penta El Zero Miedo, but Kings of the Black Throne are just more badass. Their wrestling style is clean, but also dirty, with Malakai Black spitting black mist into wrestlers’ faces, and they’re also surprisingly agile, with roundhouse kicks knocking opponents out cold. That said, with the arrival of Buddy Matthews, we kind of see less of Malakai Black and Brody King as a tag team, so, that kind of sucks. 

The Acclaimed in AEW

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6. The Acclaimed  

Listen. Listen. The Acclaimed, which is made up of Max Caster and Anthony Bowens, pretty much get squashed every week so that other wrestlers can get a push, but that doesn’t matter, because The Acclaimed are one of the most entertaining tag teams in AEW.

They’re two big boys, but they can still get some air off the top rope. Still, that’s not why they’re beloved. It’s their personalities, with Max Caster, especially, always killing it on the mic, rapping about everything from Hunter Biden to the infamous Will Smith Oscars slap. Look, you know they’re probably going to lose, but you don’t care. They’re just so damn fun to watch.   

ReDragon in AEW

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5. ReDragon  

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, better known as ReDragon, are two other wrestlers I never knew about before they entered AEW, as they had a prominent run in NXT with Adam Cole in what was known as The Undisputed Era. In AEW, they’re technical wrestlers who are also fine with throwing cheap shots, and performing trickery in and outside the ring.

They’re a fascinating tag team, and I can see them rising to new heights in the future, but as of right now, they’re mostly interesting because of their connection to Adam Cole. Still, their potential is clearly evident, and I can see them having a good run as a tag team, as they’ve already been put in some pretty great matches. 

Top Flight in AEW

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4. Top Flight  

Brothers Darius and Dante Martin are pretty much pups, as they’re 22 and 21, respectively. But this also allows them to take some of the sickest bumps in the entire promotion. Top Flight is my kind of tag team, as they’re all about high flying leaps off the top rope and all over the ring. 

In that way, Top Flight has a lot of heart, but they also need to work on their mic skills. They’re one of the most exciting tag teams in AEW, and you know you’re going to be in for a showstopper whenever they wrestle. But, you can tell that they have a long road ahead of them since they don’t have much of an identity besides their ring work. Still, I’m not complaining and I’m definitely looking forward to their future. 

Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus in AEW

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3. Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus  

The current tag team champions, Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus are probably the strangest, and thus, most intriguing tag team in the promotion. Jungle Boy hits some huge spots, and he’s always surprising in the ring, but, Luchasaurus is even more surprising since he’s massive, but can also do moonsaults, and other moves that are usually reserved for smaller guys.  

In a lot of ways, Luchasaurus is what you would get if Rey Mysterio and major player The Undertaker had a baby. Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus are always in riveting matches, and my only complaint is their mic work, as Christian Cage, who works with them, does most of the talking for them.  


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2. FTR 

Created by Dusty Rhodes himself, FTR, which consists of Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood is meant to feel like a tag team from the ‘80s, and they do. This is a tag team that isn’t into the high flying or the huge bumps like other tag teams, and in that way, they kind of feel bizarre in AEW, which is all about the huge, high risk maneuvers. 

But, watching FTR is like a blast from the past. Plus, Dax Harwood cuts some of the best promos in the business, showing that he’s all heart. I don’t have much else to say about FTR, besides the fact that I love them. They make me feel like a kid again. 

The Young Bucks

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1. The Young Bucks

One could argue that FTR is the best tag team in AEW, and I wouldn’t argue with them. But, for my money, Matt and Nick Jackson, who are also AEW’s executive vice presidents, are, and probably always will be, the best tag team in the entire promotion. And for good reason!

Look, there are no better sellers in AEW than The Young Bucks. What I mean is, while they’ll definitely make themselves look good, they’ll also make any team that wrestles against them look like a million bucks. In other words, any team that gets a match against them will likely wrestle their best match ever. Plus, they’re tremendous talkers (and dressers!), making them a welcome presence whenever they come out. Honestly, The Young Bucks ARE AEW to me, so if they ever left, I’d probably leave, too. That’s how great they are as a tag team.

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