WWE's SummerSlam Main Event May Have Already Been Spoiled In A Forehead-Smacking Way

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WWE’s SummerSlam is just around the corner, and there’s reason to be excited. A lot of major matches are happening in the big show, including Roman Reigns putting his Undisputed titles on the line in another epic showdown with Brock Lesnar (which not everyone is happy about). With just days to go before it starts, the main event may have already been spoiled in a truly forehead-smacking way. 

San Diego Comic-Con is underway, and Mattel has some of its upcoming WWE action figures on display. Multiple sources report a very interesting figure in particular, which seems like a big spoiler to the upcoming main event. Here’s what we know and how it might signal a major shift in the organization.

Mattel Is Reportedly Releasing A New Brock Lesnar Figure

CinemaBlend is on the scene at San Diego Comic-Con to check out all the cool toys on display at San Diego Comic-Con, and it seems like Mattel might’ve introduced its Brock Lesnar figure a bit too early. Take a look:

Brock Lesnar Mattel Toy WWE

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That’s Brock Lesnar, holding both the WWE and Universal titles in his hands. Now, wrestling fans might wonder if this is a guarantee that Lesnar is walking out of SummerSlam victorious over the increasingly absent Roman Reigns, and while we can't say that for sure, there is some compelling evidence to consider. 

Brock Lesnar Has Both Belts

Brock Lesnar has held the Universal and WWE titles in his career, but there’s something interesting about this figure in particular. The Universal title changed colors from red to blue after Bray Wyatt defeated Seth Rollins for the title in 2019 (via WWE). Since then, only Wyatt, Goldberg, Braun Strowman, and Roman Reigns have held the blue variant Universal Championship. 

In short, Lesnar’s action figure is holding a title he’s technically never had before, and it presumably will be packaged in a future release with the figure. It’s possible that Mattel just wanted to include it so that fans can create scenarios for Lesnar to win during their play, but the timing is very suspicious with SummerSlam only a little over a week away. 

Brock Lesnar Has His Samurai Knot

Another thing worth mentioning is that this Ultimate Series Brock Lesnar is more in-line with the modern look that Brock Lesnar is showcasing these days. This figure is rocking a samurai knot, and I’m guessing this might be his in-ring look at SummerSlam on the big day. Based on all this, it’s possible that Roman Reigns’ impressive title run is coming to an end very soon. It also could tease that Theory won’t cash in during the main event after all, or he will be unsuccessful (which would be a shame because I’m for the Theory chaos). 

Of course, many wrestling fans know the outcome of a match can change on a dime. It’s possible that the mere reporting of this could inspire Vince McMahon and other decision-makers to flip the ending just to keep fans on their toes. Then again, if the Brock Lesnar toy is shipping out to the masses with both belts, would it be a good business move to sell it even if he doesn’t have the titles? Reigns losing feels like the end of an era, which might be fitting considering the big rating change coming to Monday Night Raw

It’s all a lot to think about as Peacock Premium subscribers prepare to stream SummerSlam on Saturday, July 30. Wrestling fans can tune in, and stay up to date on what else is happening with our list of upcoming WWE events

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